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Media Often Remain Mum on Politicians’ Sexuality

Nieman Notes August 30, 2007

There are few things newspapers will refuse to print, but the mainstream media — including network news and NPR — still refrain from disclosing the sexual orientation of a gay legislator. Will the news of Sen. Larry Craig's arrest force a change in policy? Dean Miller, Class of 2008, provides his opinion for this piece. Read more

Sheryl McCarthy to Join Queens College

Nieman Notes August 24, 2007

Columnist Sheryl McCarthy, Class of 1996, will join the Queens College Journalism Department as Distinguished Lecturer. “One of the things I hope to do is give more students greater exposure to accomplished working journalists so they can learn what it’s like to work in the business and how journalists view their function in society,” McCarthy said. Read more

Mainstream to Ethnic Media — A New Career Direction

Nieman Notes August 8, 2007

A steady stream of mainstream journalists are moving to, and in some cases moving back to, ethnic media. Evelyn Hernandez, Class of 2007, was one of the journalists interviewed who made an unusual mid-career transition, leaving behind general-interest media for newspapers, magazines, websites and broadcast outlets oriented to their racial or ethnic groups. Read more

Joe Thloloe made Press Ombudsman

Nieman Notes August 3, 2007

Veteran journalist Joe Thloloe, Class of 1989, has been appointed the new Press Ombudsman for South Africa. "The key issue for me is that it's designed to uphold the highest standards in journalism," Thloloe said. Read more