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Carolyn Curiel to join Purdue

News October 16, 2008

Carolyn Curiel, a former White House speechwriter, U.S. ambassador and most recently a member of The New York Times editorial board, has been appointed as senior adviser in the office of the Purdue president and as a clinical professor of communication. She is a member of the Nieman Foundation Advisory Board. Read more

Mark Ethridge Delivers VCU Turpin Lecture

Nieman Notes October 13, 2008

Mark Ethridge recently visited Virginia Commonwealth University as a guest lecturer during the school’s annual Mass Communications Week. Ethridge spoke on Oct. 9, where he talked about journalism and about his novel, Grievances. Read more

‘Power and money and celebrity can blind you’

Awards October 8, 2008

John Walcott warns: 'Instead of being members of the Fourth Estate, too many Washington reporters have been itching to move up an estate or two.' He also argues against the notion that truth can be found midway between the two opposing poles of any argument. Read more