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First Two Women Fellows Die Two Days Apart

Nieman Notes February 28, 2008

The first two women awarded Nieman Fellowships died recently within just two days of each other. Charlotte FitzHenry Robling and Mary Leary Sherry and 12 other print reporters were members of the Class of 1946, under Curator Louis Lyons. Read more

Baskin Receives Award from Scripps Howard Foundation

Nieman Notes February 27, 2008

Roberta Baskin, Class of 2002, received the Excellence in Electronic Media/TV-Cable award from the Scripps Howard Foundation for “Drilling for Dollars,” an investigation of abuse by the leading chain of Medicaid-funded dental clinics for children. The annual National Journalism Awards honor the best in print, Web and electronic journalism and journalism education. Read more

At Work with Malawi’s Nurses

Nieman Notes February 24, 2008

Christine Gorman, one of the 2008 recipients of the Nieman Fellowship for Global Health Reporting, outlines her four-month field research project. Her principal goals are to tell the story of what Malawi, a small, land-locked country in southeastern Africa, is doing to hold on to its nurses. Read more

Iran’s Winds of Change

Nieman Notes February 14, 2008

Iason Athanasiadis, Class of 2008, comments on the new generation of Iranians: the children of the Revolution. "The domestic social situation is more dire than at almost any other time since the Revolution," he writes. "But many Iranians have moved on from the submissive first days of the Islamic Republic ... The new generation mounts actions of social insubordination that their parents only dreamed of." Read more

Romney’s Immigration Hypocrisy

Nieman Notes February 5, 2008

Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s inconsistency on tough issues is widely recognized: He was pro-choice and then pro-life; he supported gun control and then he rejected it; he backed same sex marriage and then he opposed it. Read more

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