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Laura Wides-Muñoz, NF ’13, Joins Fusion

Nieman Notes March 30, 2015

Laura Wides-Muñoz joined Fusion in January as director of news practices. She had spent the previous eight years working as a reporter in the Miami bureau of the Associated Press. She is responsible for ensuring that Fusion’s journalism meets its standards. Read more

Latin America’s Media Innovators

Talks April 17, 2014

In April, the Nieman Foundation and Harvard's David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies hosted a discussion about the future of Latin American media featuring some of the region's most innovative journalists: Radio Ambulante's Daniel Alarcón, Nuestra Aparente Rendición's Lolita Bosch, Fusion's Daniel Eilemberg—a 2013 Visiting Nieman Fellow who founded Mexico's Animal Politico—and El Faro's Óscar Martínez. Read more