1. 2005 Joe Alex Morris Jr. Lecture

    Awards March 8, 2005

    What do you say when your real life far exceeds your wildest dreams? I once heard a comedian answer, "Keep it to yourself." And while there are an increasing number of comedians masquerading as journalists, I am not yet ready to quit my day job. Read more

  2. Columbia and Nieman Foundation Announce 2004 Lukas Prize Project Awards

    Awards March 29, 2004

    A definitive work on the Vietnam era by David Maraniss, a biography of photographer Eadweard Muybridge by Rebecca Solnit and an examination of slavery by John Bowe were named the winners of this year's J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project Awards by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University. Read more

  3. 2004 Joe Alex Morris Jr. Lecture

    Awards February 3, 2004

    I remember as a young journalist in college when we were studying journalism, Joe Alex Morris was a name that I knew well. It was a name that I looked up to — somebody who had an understanding and a compassion for the Middle East that's not always evident in coverage that comes out of that region. That I'm here speaking in a lecture that carries his name is a great honor. Read more

  4. 2003 Joe Alex Morris Jr. Lecture

    Awards March 13, 2003

    As I speak to you today, our nation prepares for war. Within a short time, young Americans and Iraqis will begin to die. There appears to be nothing any of us who oppose this war can do. Read more

  5. 1985 Louis Lyons Award

    Awards May 28, 1985

    The Nieman Foundation at Harvard University announced May 28, 1985 that Allister Sparks, correspondent for the London Observer and The Washington Post, won the 1985 Louis M. Lyons Award for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism for his courageous reporting from … Read more