The Team

Putting this online resource together in less than two months and at low cost provided an interesting challenge. Understanding the importance of bundling flu resources and providing guidance on reporting the pandemic flu story, many colleagues pitched in and helped with their expertise, skills and even a few unpaid night shifts. We are indebted to their commitment and to the Dart Foundation for providing partial funding for this project.

Stefanie Friedhoff

Editorial Assistant
Franziska Blome

Carol Cruzan-Morton
Christine Gorman
George Harrar
Linda Harrar
Paul Mamula

Gregory Hartl
Maryn McKenna
Sabin Russell

Barbara McCarthy

Copy Editor
Ellen Tuttle

Thanks to the Nieman Foundation staff, especially Eliza Brown, Christine Kaye, Ellie Lottero, Hope Reese and Ellen Setser, for their help with proofreading and debugging this site.