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At times, many journalists feel it’s impossible to navigate the endless web of sources, opinions and official pamphlets devoted to influenza. A Google search of the term “H1N1” returns more than 8 million results. “Swine flu” produces a whopping 36 million. But while the sheer volume of information is overwhelming, the Internet also offers unprecedented access to many diverse and useful resources about this complex story.

The sources and links listed on this page collectively offer a good overview of the subject and provide reliable starting points for research on various aspects of the flu story. They also include information specifically directed toward journalists. Spanish language resources are listed as well.

Major Sites
A selection of major sites providing essential information on pandemic flu, the 2009 H1N1 virus and beyond.
Reporters & Reporting
Toolkits, an aggregator site for broadcast journalists, the latest reporting from some leading flu journalists—and a few blogs that are worth knowing about.
Selected Links
By no means complete but a good way to start: Here is our list of avian flu sources, historic perspectives, selected research papers, and preparedness and response sites.
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Spanish Language Resources