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Nieman Fellows honored in spring award season

Nieman Notes April 16, 2012

The work of a number of Nieman Fellows has been recognized recently with national journalism awards. Honored Niemans include Hui Siu Fun, NF ’11; Lisa Mullins, NF '10; David Jackson, NF ’09; James Causey, NF ’08; Ken Armstrong, NF ’01; and Melissa Ludtke, NF ’92. Read more

The Story We Needed Ken Burns to Tell

Nieman Notes September 22, 2007

Cecilia Alvear, Class of 1989, recently attended a screening of highlights of Ken Burns "The War," and I found it "stunning, moving and sadly incomplete. Alvear notes that Burns managed to leave the half million Latinos that fought in World War II out of the PBS documentary. Read more