Alfredo Corchado

Journalist Alfredo Corchado delivers the 37th Morris Lecture at Harvard

Awards November 14, 2018

Author and journalist Alfredo Corchado delivered the 37th Joe Alex Morris Jr. Memorial Lecture at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism on Nov. 14, 2018. The annual Morris Lecture is presented an American overseas correspondent or commentator on foreign affairs who is invited to Harvard to speak about international news coverage. Read more

A personal look at the perils of covering Mexico’s drug wars

Nieman Notes June 7, 2013

In his new memoir “Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter’s Journey Through a Country’s Descent into Darkness,” Dallas Morning News Mexico bureau chief Alfredo Corchado, NF ’09, reflects on his life as a Mexican immigrant to the United States and the extraordinary journey he has taken to cover events in his homeland despite the threat of violence wrought by the country’s drug wars. Read more

Nieman Fellows examine Latin American journalism

Nieman Notes April 18, 2011

Several Nieman Fellows contributed to the latest issue of ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America, published by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. The new magazine focuses on “Journalism of the Americas” and features articles by Mónica Almeida NF ’09, Rosental Alves NF ’88, Alfredo Corchado NF ’09, Bob Giles NF ’66, Juanita León NF ’07, Graciela Mochkofsky NF ’09 and Raúl Peñaranda NF ’08. Read more

Alfredo Corchado accepts Elijah Parish Lovejoy award

Nieman Notes September 27, 2010

Alfredo Corchado, a 2009 Nieman Fellow, received the 2010 Elijah Lovejoy Award in a ceremony at Colby College on Sunday, Sept. 26. Corchado said he would accept the award, but “on behalf of the love I feel for my profession and the enormous respect and admiration I have for those reporting in the line of fire,” especially his colleagues in Mexico. Read more

Corchado to receive 2010 Lovejoy Award

Nieman Notes May 12, 2010

Alfredo Corchado, a 2009 Nieman Fellow, has been chosen as the 2010 Elijah Lovejoy Award recipient. The award, established in 1952 at Maine's Colby College, is given annually to a member of the newspaper profession who has contributed to the country's journalistic achievement. Read more

María Hinojosa interviews Fellows Alfredo Corchado, Anita Snow

Nieman Notes April 5, 2010

Award-winning journalist María Hinojosa recently interviewed two Nieman Fellows for “One-on-One.” Alfredo Corchado, a 2009 Nieman Fellow, talks about why he risks his life every day to report the truth about Mexico's increasingly violent drug war. Anita Snow, a 2010 Nieman Fellow, describes life of a journalist in today’s Cuba and offers predictions for the future. Read more

Alfredo Corchado Gets UTEP Alumni Award

Nieman Notes September 9, 2009

Reporter Alfredo Corchado, the Mexico Bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News, received the 2009 Gold Nugget Award from the University of Texas at El Paso's College of Liberal Arts. Corchado is a 2009 Nieman Fellow. Read more