Learn more about the history of the Pulitzer Prizes and the extraordinary journalists, photographers, writers, cartoonists, screenwriters, poets and musicians who have won the honor through the years

Pulitzer Centennial Marquee Events

Civil Rights, Social Equality and Democracy, a Pulitzer 100 event held March 31-April 1, 2016 in St. Petersburg, Fla., hosted by The Poynter Institute

War, Migration and the Quest for Peace, a Pulitzer 100 event held May 19-20, 2016 in Los Angeles, hosted by Los Angeles Times and USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

The People, the Presidency, and the Press, a Pulitzer 100 event held June 2-3 in Dallas, presented by The Dallas Morning News in collaboration with the George Bush Presidential Center, the LBJ Presidential Library, and host, the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Nieman Reports

Read Nieman Reports’ special Pulitzer edition: Power, Accountability and Abuse

Nieman Storyboard

Nieman Storyboard’s “Why’s This So Good?” series examines the grit and craft behind a number of Pulitzer-winning  reports.

Read the Work

If you’d like to read any of the groundbreaking books by Pulitzer-winning authors, visit these Harvard Square bookstores: 

Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Ave.,Cambridge, MA 02138

The Harvard Square Coop, 1400 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA 02138