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Since 1943, more than 100 Nieman Fellows have received the Pulitzer Prize, in categories ranging from investigative reporting to fiction

Eliza Griswold , NF ’07

Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America

General Nonfiction, 2019

A classic American story, grippingly told, of an Appalachian family struggling to retain its middle class status in the shadow of destruction wreaked by corporate fracking.

The staff of the [Oakland, CA] East Bay Times, including:

Tammerlin Drummond, NF ’14

East Bay Times

Breaking News, 2017

For relentless coverage of the “Ghost Ship” fire, which killed 36 people at a warehouse party, and for reporting after the tragedy that exposed the city’s failure to take actions that might have prevented it.

The staffs of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, McClatchy and Miami Herald, including:

Fernando Rodrigues, NF ’08

Uri Blau, NF ’14

Wayhu Dhyatmika, NF ’15

Explanatory Reporting, 2017

For the Panama Papers, a series of stories using a collaboration of more than 300 reporters on six continents to expose the hidden infrastructure and global scale of offshore tax havens.

The staff of Seattle Times, including

Ken Armstrong, NF ’01

Craig Welch, NF ’07

Breaking News Reporting, 2015

For its digital account of a landslide that killed 43 people and the impressive follow-up reporting that explored whether the calamity could have been avoided.

The staff of The Boston Globe, including

David Abel, NF ’13

Christine Chinlund, NF ’98

Kevin Cullen, NF ’03

David Dahl, NF ’03

Mark Pothier, NF ’01

Stephen Smith, NF ’00

Breaking News Reporting, 2014

For its exhaustive and empathetic coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and the ensuing manhunt that enveloped the city, using photography and a range of digital tools to capture the full impact of the tragedy.

Mary Schmich, NF ’96

Chicago Tribune

Commentary, 2012

For her wide range of down-to-earth columns that reflect the character and capture the culture of her famed city.

Ken Armstrong, NF ’01

The Seattle Times

Investigative Reporting, 2012

For the investigation of how a little known governmental body in Washington State moved vulnerable patients from safer pain-control medication to methadone, a cheaper but more dangerous drug, coverage that prompted statewide health warnings.

Amy Ellis Nutt, NF ’05

The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger

Feature Writing, 2011

For her deeply probing story of the mysterious sinking of a commercial fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean that drowned six men.

Gene Weingarten, NF ’88

The Washington Post

Feature Writing, 2010

For his haunting story about parents, from varying walks of life, who accidentally kill their children by forgetting them in cars.

Raquel Rutledge, NF ’12

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Local Reporting, 2010

For her penetrating reports on the fraud and abuse in a child-care program for low-wage working parents that fleeced taxpayers and imperiled children, resulting in a state and federal crackdown on providers.

Eugene Robinson, NF ’88

The Washington Post

Commentary, 2009

For his eloquent columns on the 2008 presidential campaign that focus on the election of the first African-American president, showcasing graceful writing and grasp of the larger historic picture.

Dexter Filkins, NF ’07

Carlotta Gall, NF ’12

Pir Zubair Shah, NF ’12

The New York Times

International Reporting, 2009

For its masterful, groundbreaking coverage of America’s deepening military and political challenges in Afghanistan and Pakistan, reporting frequently done under perilous condition.

The staff of The Washington Post, including

Michael Ruane, NF ’92

The Washington Post

Breaking News Reporting, 2008

For its exceptional, multi-faceted coverage of the deadly shooting rampage at Virginia Tech, telling the developing story in print and online.

Gene Weingarten, NF ’88

The Washington Post

Feature Writing, 2008

For his chronicling of a world-class violinist who, as an experiment, played beautiful music in a subway station filled with unheeding commuters.

The staff of The Washington Post, for the work of Dana Priest, Anne Hull and photographer Michel du Cille

Anne Hull, NF ’95

Public Service, 2008

In exposing mistreatment of wounded veterans at Walter Reed Hospital, evoking a national outcry and producing reforms by federal officials.

Cynthia Tucker, NF ’89

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Commentary, 2007

For her courageous, clear-headed columns that evince a strong sense of morality and persuasive knowledge of the community.

Heidi Evans, NF ’93

New York Daily News

Editorial Writing, 2007

For compassionate and compelling editorials on behalf of Ground Zero workers whose health problems were neglected by the city and the nation.

The staff of The Wall Street Journal, including

Jane Spencer, NF ’13

International Reporting, 2007

For its sharply edged reports on the adverse impact of China’s booming capitalism on conditions ranging from inequality to pollution.

The staffs of The San Diego Union-Tribune and Copley News Service, including

Jerry Kammer, NF ’94

Copley News Service

National Reporting, 2006

For their disclosure of bribe-taking that sent former Rep. Randy Cunningham to prison in disgrace.

The staff of the The Associated Press, including

Anja Niedringhaus, NF ’07

Breaking News Photography, 2005

For its stunning series of photographs of bloody yearlong combat inside Iraqi cities.

Julia Keller, NF ’98

Chicago Tribune

Feature Writing, 2005

For her gripping, meticulously reconstructed account of a deadly 10-second tornado that ripped through Utica, Illinois.

The staff of the Los Angeles Times, including

Janet Wilson, NF ’95

Breaking News Reporting, 2004

For its compelling and comprehensive coverage of the massive wildfires that imperiled a populated region of southern California.

Robert Caro, NF ’66

Master of the Senate

Biography or Autobiography, 2003

Master of the Senate carries Lyndon Johnson's story through one of its most remarkable periods: his twelve years, from 1949 to 1960, in the United States Senate. At the heart of the book is its unprecedented revelation of how legislative power works in America, how the Senate works, and how Johnson, in his ascent to the presidency, mastered the Senate as no political leader before him had ever done.

Mary Jordan, NF ’90

The Washington Post

International Reporting, 2003

For the exposure of horrific conditions in Mexico’s criminal justice system and how they affect the daily lives of people.

The staff of The Boston Globe, including

Kevin Cullen, NF ’03

Public Service, 2003

For its courageous, comprehensive coverage of sexual abuse by priests, an effort that pierced secrecy, stirred local, national and international reaction and produced changes in the Roman Catholic Church.

The staff of The Washington Post, including

Amy Goldstein, NF ’05

National Reporting, 2002

For its comprehensive coverage of America's war on terrorism, which regularly brought forth new information together with skilled analysis of unfolding developments.

The staff of The New York Times, including

Chris Hedges, NF ’99

Public Service, 2002

For “A Nation Challenged,” a special section published regularly after the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, which coherently and comprehensively covered the tragic events, profiled the victims, and tracked the developing story, locally and globally.

The staff of the Chicago Tribune, including

Louise Kiernan, NF ’05

Explanatory Reporting, 2001

For “Gateway to Gridlock,” its clear and compelling profile of the chaotic American air traffic system.

Ian Johnson, NF ’07

The Wall Street Journal

International Reporting, 2001

For his revealing stories from China about victims of the government’s often brutal suppression of the Falun Gong movement and the implications of that campaign for the future.

The staff of The New York Times, including

Gerald Boyd, NF ’81

National Reporting, 2001

For its compelling and memorable series exploring racial experiences and attitudes across contemporary America.

The staff of The Oregonian, including

Brent Walth, NF ’06

Richard Read, NF ’97

Public Service, 2001

For its detailed and unflinching examination of systematic problems within the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, including harsh treatment of foreign nationals and other widespread abuses, which prompted various reforms.

J.R. Moehringer, NF ’01

Los Angeles Times

Feature Writing, 2000

For his portrait of Gee’s Bend, an isolated river community in Alabama where many descendants of slaves live, and how a proposed ferry to the mainland might change it.

The staff of The Wall Street Journal, including

Carla Robbins, NF ’90

The Wall Street Journal

National Reporting, 2000

For its revealing stories that question U.S. defense spending and military deployment in the post-Cold War era and offer alternatives for the future.

Blair Kamin, NF ’13

Chicago Tribune

Criticism, 1999

For his lucid coverage of city architecture, including an influential series supporting the development of Chicago’s lakefront area.

Richard Read, NF ’97

The Oregonian

Explanatory Reporting, 1999

For vividly illustrating the domestic impact of the Asian economic crisis by profiling the local industry that exports frozen french fries.

The staff of The Wall Street Journal, including

Carla Robbins, NF ’90

International Reporting, 1999

For its in-depth, analytical coverage of the Russian financial crisis.

The staff of The Miami Herald, including

Lisa Getter, NF ’95

Investigative Reporting, 1999

For its detailed reporting that revealed pervasive voter fraud in a city mayoral election, that was subsequently overturned.

The staff of The Washington Post, including

David Jackson, NF ’09

Public Service, 1998

For its series that identified and analyzed patterns of reckless gunplay by city police officers who had little training or supervision.

The staff of the Grand Forks Herald, including

Bryan Monroe, NF ’03

Public Service, 1998

For its sustained and informative coverage, vividly illustrated with photographs, that helped hold its community together in the wake of flooding, a blizzard and a fire that devastated much of the city, including the newspaper plant itself.

Eileen McNamara, NF ’88

The Boston Globe

Commentary, 1997

For her many-sided columns on Massachusetts people and issues.

Rick Bragg, NF ’93

The New York Times

Feature Writing, 1996

For his elegantly written stories about contemporary America.

The News & Observer, for the work of Melanie Sill, Pat Stith and Joby Warrick

Melanie Sill, NF ’94

Public Service, 1996

On the environmental and health risks of waste disposal systems used in North Carolina’s growing hog industry.

The Dallas Morning News Team of The Dallas Morning News, including

David Marcus, NF ’96

George Rodrigue, NF ’90

Beatriz Terrazas, NF ’99

International Reporting, 1994

For its series examining the epidemic of violence against women in many nations.

The staff of The Miami Herald, including

Lisa Getter, NF ’95

Public Service, 1993

For coverage that not only helped readers cope with Hurricane Andrew's devastation but also showed how lax zoning, inspection and building codes had contributed to the destruction.

Maria Henson, NF ’94

Lexington Herald-Leader

Editorial Writing, 1992

For her editorials about battered women in Kentucky, which focused statewide attention on the problem and prompted significant reforms.

Joseph Hallinan, NF ’98

The Indianapolis Star

Investigative Reporting, 1991

For the shocking series on medical malpractice in the state.

The staff of The Des Moines Register, including

Geneva Overholser, NF ’86

Public Service, 1991

For reporting by Jane Schorer that, with the victim’s consent, named a woman who had been raped — which prompt widespread reconsideration of the traditional media practice of concealing the identity of rape victims.

David Turnley, NF ’98

Detroit Free Press

Feature Photography, 1990

For photographs of the political uprisings in China and Eastern Europe.

Dale Maharidge, NF ’88

And Their Children After Them

General Nonfiction, 1990

For the book “And Their Children After Them: The Legacy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: James Agee, Walker Evans, and the Rise and Fall of Cotton in the South,” co-authored with Michael Williamson

William Dietrich, NF ’88

The Seattle Times

National Reporting, 1990

For coverage of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and its aftermath.

The staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer, including

Gilbert Gaul, NF ’83

Public Service, 1990

For reporting by Gilbert M. Gaul that disclosed how the American blood industry operates with little government regulation or supervision.

The staff of the Anchorage Daily News, including

W. Patrick Dougherty, NF ’89

Public Service, 1989

For reporting about the high incidence of alcoholism and suicide among native Alaskans in a series that focused attention on their despair and resulted in various reforms.

Doug Marlette, NF ’81

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Charlotte Observer

Editorial Cartooning, 1988

The staff of The Alabama Journal, including

Jim Tharpe, NF ’89

General News Reporting, 1988

For its compelling investigation of the state’s unusually high infant-mortality rate, which prompted legislation to combat the problem.

Ann Marie Lipinski, NF ’90

Chicago Tribune

Investigative Reporting, 1988

For the detailed reporting on the self-interest and waste that plague Chicago’s City Council.

The staff of The Charlotte Observer, including

Ed Williams, NF ’73

Foster Davis, NF ’76

Mark Ethridge, NF ’86

Charles Shepard, NF ’91

Elizabeth Leland, NF ’92

Public Service, 1988

For revealing misuse of funds by the PTL television ministry through persistent coverage conducted in the face of a massive campaign by PTL to discredit the newspaper.

Daniel R. Biddle, NF ’90

H.G. (Buzz) Bissinger, NF ’86

Fredric N. Tulsky, NF ’89

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Investigative Reporting, 1987

For their series “Disorder in the Court,” which revealed transgressions of justice in the Philadelphia court system and led to federal and state investigations.

The staff of The New York Times, including

Nancy Lee, NF ’87

National Reporting, 1987

For coverage of the aftermath of the Challenger explosion, which included stories that identified serious flaws in the shuttle’s design and in the administration of America’s space program.

Matthew Brelis, NF ’02

The Pittsburgh Press

Public Service, 1987

For reporting which revealed the inadequacy of the FAA’s medical screening of airline pilots and led to significant reforms.

George Rodrigue, NF ’90

The Dallas Morning News

National Reporting, 1986

For their investigation into subsidized housing in East Texas, which uncovered patterns of racial discrimination and segregation in public housing across the United States and led to significant reforms.

Stan Grossfeld, NF ’92

The Boston Globe

Feature Photography, 1985

For his series of photographs of the famine in Ethiopia and for his pictures of illegal aliens on the Mexican border.

William K. Marimow, NF ’83

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Investigative Reporting, 1985

For his revelation that city police dogs had attacked more than 350 people — an expose that led to investigations of the K-9 unit and the removal of a dozen officers from it.

The staff of the Los Angeles Times, including

Frank O. Sotomayor, NF ’86

Frank del Olmo, NF ’88

Public Service, 1984

For an in-depth examination of southern California’s growing Latino community by a team of editors and reporters.

The staff of the Kansas City Star and Kansas City Times, including

Chris Waddle, NF ’05

Local General or Spot News Reporting, 1982

For coverage of the Hyatt Regency Hotel disaster and identification of its causes.

Jonathan Yardley, NF ’69

The Washington Star

Criticism, 1981

For his book reviews.

Shirley Christian, NF ’74

The Miami Herald

International Reporting, 1981

For her dispatches from Central America.

The staff of the Longview (WA) Daily News, including

Linda Wilson, NF ’87

Local General or Spot News Reporting, 1981

For its coverage of the Mt. St. Helens story, including the photographs by Roger A. Werth.

The staff of The Charlotte Observer, including

Mark Ethridge, NF ’86

Public Service, 1981

For its series on "Brown Lung: A Case of Deadly Neglect."

Ellen Goodman, NF ’74

The Boston Globe

Commentary, 1980

For distinguished commentary

Madeleine Blais, NF ’86

The Miami Herald

Feature Writing, 1980

For “Zepp’s Last Stand.”

The staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer, including

Rodney Nordland, NF ’89

Local General or Spot News Reporting, 1980

For coverage of the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island.

Robert Porterfield, NF ’79

Local Investigative Specialized Reporting, 1980

For articles on Boston’s transit system.

Gilbert Gaul, NF ’83

Pottsville (PA) Republican

Local Investigative Specialized Reporting, 1979

For stories on the destruction of the Blue Coal Company by men with ties to organized crime.

The staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer, including

William Marimow, NF ’83

Public Service, 1978

For a series of articles showing abuses of power by the police in its home city.

Acel Moore, NF ’80

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Local Investigative Specialized Reporting, 1977

For the reports on conditions in the Farview (Pa.) State Hospital for the mentally ill.

The photographic staff of Louisville Courier-Journal and Times, including

Pamela Spaulding, NF ’85

Feature Photography, 1976

For a comprehensive pictorial report on busing in Louisville’s schools.

Gene Miller, NF ’68

The Miami Herald

Local General or Spot News Reporting, 1976

For his persistent and courageous reporting over eight and one-half years that led to the exoneration and release of two men who had twice been tried for murder and wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death in Florida.

The staff of the Anchorage Daily News, including

Robert Porterfield, NF ’79

Anchorage Daily News

Public Service, 1976

For its disclosures of the impact and influence of the Teamsters Union on Alaska’s economy and politics.

Robert Caro, NF ’66

The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York

Biography or Autobiography, 1975

Hedrick Smith, NF ’70

The New York Times

International Reporting, 1974

For his coverage of the Soviet Union and its allies in Eastern Europe in 1973.

John Strohmeyer, NF ’53

The Bethlehem (PA) Globe-Times

Editorial Writing, 1972

For his editorial campaign to reduce racial tensions in Bethlehem.

The staff of The New York Times, including

Hedrick Smith, NF ’70

Public Service, 1972

For the publication of the Pentagon Papers.

The staff of the Akron Beacon Journal, including

Robert H. Giles, NF ’66

Local General or Spot News Reporting, 1971

For its coverage of the Kent State University tragedy on May 4, 1970.

William Eaton, NF ’63

The Chicago Daily News

National Reporting, 1970

For disclosures about the background of Judge Clement F. Haynesworth Jr., in connection with his nomination for the United States Supreme Court.

The staff of the Detroit Free Press, including

Saul Friedman, NF ’63

Philip Meyer, NF ’67

Gene Goltz, NF ’70

Local General or Spot News Reporting, 1968

For its coverage of the Detroit riots of 1967, recognizing both the brilliance of its detailed spot news staff work and its swift and accurate investigation into the underlying causes of the tragedy.

J. Anthony Lukas, NF ’69

The New York Times

Local Investigative Specialized Reporting, 1968

For the social document he wrote in his investigation of the life and the murder of Linda Fitzpatrick.

John Hughes, NF ’62

The Christian Science Monitor

International Reporting, 1967

For his thorough reporting of the attempted Communist coup in Indonesia in 1965 and the purge that followed in 1965-66.

Gene Miller, NF ’68

The Miami Herald

Local Investigative Specialized Reporting, 1967

Whose initiative and investigative reporting helped to free two persons wrongfully convicted of murder.

The staff of the Louisville Courier-Journal, including:

E. Hugh Morris, NF ’15

John Edwared Pearce, NF ’58

Louisville Courier-Journal

Public Service, 1967

For its successful campaign to control the Kentucky strip mining industry, a notable advance in the national effort for the conservation of natural resources.

Robert Lasch, NF ’42

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Editorial Writing, 1966

For his distinguished editorial writing in 1965.

Gene Goltz, NF ’70

The Houston Post

Local Investigative Specialized Reporting, 1965

For his expose of government corruption Pasadena, Texas, which resulted in widespread reforms.

Anthony Lewis, NF ’57

The New York Times

National Reporting, 1963

For his distinguished reporting of the proceedings of the United States Supreme Court during the year, with particular emphasis on the coverage of the decision in the reapportionment case and its consequences in many of the States of the Union.

Nathan Caldwell, NF ’41

Gene S. Graham, NF ’63

The Tennessean

National Reporting, 1962

For the exclusive disclosure and six years of detailed reporting, under great difficulties, of the undercover cooperation between management interests in the coal industry and the United Mine Workers.

Harry S. Ashmore, NF ’42

Arkansas Gazette

Editorial Writing, 1958

For the forcefulness, dispassionate analysis and clarity of his editorials on the school integration conflict in Little Rock.

Clark Mollenhoff, NF ’50

The Des Moines Register and Tribune

National Reporting, 1958

For his persistent inquiry into labor racketeering, which included investigatory reporting of wide significance.

William Lambert, NF ’60

Wallace Turner, NF ’59

The Oregonian

Local Reporting - No edition time, 1957

For their exposé of vice and corruption in Portland involving some municipal officials and officers of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America, Western Conference. They fulfilled their assignments despite great handicaps and the risk of reprisal from lawless elements.

Anthony Lewis, NF ’57

Washington Daily News

National Reporting, 1955

For publishing a series of articles which were adjudged directly responsible for clearing Abraham Chasanow, an employee of the U.S. Navy Department, and bringing about his restoration to duty with an acknowledgment by the Navy Department that it had committed a grave injustice in dismissing him as a security risk. Mr. Lewis received the full support of his newspaper in championing an American citizen, without adequate funds or resources for his defense, against an unjust act by a government department. This is in the best tradition of American journalism.

Keyes Beech, NF ’53

Chicago Daily News

International Reporting, 1951

For reporting of the Korean War.

Edwin O. Guthman, NF ’51

The Seattle Times

National Reporting, 1950

For his series on the clearing of Communist charges of Professor Melvin Rader, who had been accused of attending a secret Communist school.

John H. Crider, NF ’41

The Boston Herald

Editorial Writing, 1949

For distinguished editorial writing during the year.

E. Hugh Morris, NF ’51

John Edward Pearce, NF ’58

Public Service,

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