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Ignacio Gomez Named Nieman Fellow

Nieman Notes August 22, 2000

Ignacio Gomez, a Colombian journalist who fled to the United States last month under death threats in his own country, will spend part of his time in exile as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Read more

Apartheid Foe Gets Passport And Is Expected to Meet Bush

Nieman Notes June 27, 1989

Over the last 25 years, Albertina Sisulu, a 1985 Nieman Fellow and a bold articulator of black majority rule in South Africa, has been placed under house arrest, circumscribed by banning orders and, from time to time, jailed in solitary confinement. Then, days after her every step was trailed by the police as she traveled to Cape Town to visit her husband in prison, Mrs. Sisulu was granted her first passport. Unable to speak publicly in her own country, she is off to the United States. Read more