2002 Joe Alex Morris Jr. Lecture

Awards March 9, 2002

A few years ago I was on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan trying to talk my way into that breakaway region. The Russian peacekeeper on duty wouldn't let me through. Read more

2001 Joe Alex Morris Jr. Lecture

Awards March 7, 2001

Ten days ago I was in Ramallah, on the West Bank, with Adila Laidi, a straight-backed Palestinian woman dressed in grey and black. She was showing me around an exhibition called "100 Lives," commemorating some of the victims of the latest Intifada. Read more

1999 Joe Alex Morris Jr. Lecture

Awards May 9, 1999

I thank you very much for being here tonight. Let me also thank Fidel Castro. In the earliest days of CNN, when CNN was meant to be seen only in the United States, the enterprising Fidel Castro was pirating and watching CNN in Cuba. Read more