Nieman Moments

  • Vladimir Voina ’90
    Voina, the first Nieman from the Soviet Union, has written for Pravda, Izvestia, and a number of U.S. newspapers
  • Michael H.C. McDowell ’79
    A former foreign affairs writer, McDowell has worked for a number of nonprofits, including the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Gates Foundation
  • Ram Loevy ’82
    Loevy has written and directed dozens of television movies and documentaries, many of which challenged the status quo
  • Benjamin Fernandez Bogado ’00
    After a career in television news, Bogado pursued a number of interests when he returned to Paraguay after his Nieman year. He founded a financial newspaper, wrote books, and served as a university president
  • Nicholas Daniloff ’74
    Daniloff established himself as a foreign correspondent in Moscow during the 1980s. He now teaches journalism at Northeastern University in Boston
  • Lisa Mullins ’10
    Mullins was for 14 years the anchor for the nationally broadcast radio newsmagazine "The World." She has interviewed international leaders and covered news around the globe
  • Itsuo Sakane ’71
    After a long career as a journalist, Sakane organized a number of exhibits about science and art and became president of the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan
  • Nancy Day ’79
    Day has chaired the Journalism Department at Columbia College Chicago since 2003. Previously, she was an associate professor at Boston University and a journalist in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco
  • Suvendrini Kakuchi ’97
    A native of Sri Lanka, Kakuchi returned to journalism and to Tokyo in 2010 after three years as director of the Sri Lankan office of Panos South Asia
  • Christina Lamb ’94
    A foreign affairs correspondent for The Sunday Times, Lamb was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the U.K.’s 2013 New Year’s Honours List for “services to journalism”
  • Daniel Samper Pizano ’81
    A native of Colombia, Pizano has been an investigative reporter, editor and columnist
  • Alma Guillermoprieto NF ’05
    Born in Mexico, Guillermoprieto has reported on Latin America for The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books. Her journalism has been collected in “Looking for History” and “The Heart That Bleeds”
  • Madeleine Blais ’86
    Blais has written three books, including “In These Girls Hope Is a Muscle,” about a basketball team in Amherst where she now teaches journalism at the University of Massachusetts. She won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing when she was a reporter at The Miami Herald
  • Frank Van Riper ’79
    Van Riper reported from Washington, D.C. for the (New York) Daily News before becoming a photography columnist for The Washington Post. Now a documentary and fine art photographer, he teaches photography workshops in the U.S. and Italy
  • William F. Woo ’67
    A longtime reporter and editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Woo (1936-2006) turned to teaching in 1996 and was known for the personal essays and letters he wrote to his students


In this video clip, Nieman Fellow Dina Kraft, '12, describes meeting Robert Drew, a Life magazine journalist who spent his Nieman year in 1955 focused on two questions: "Why are documentaries so dull? What would it take for them to become gripping and exciting?" Following his fellowship — during which he studied the short story, the stage play and the novel and how these forms translated to television — Drew became a pioneer of cinéma vérité and helped created a revolution in documentary filmmaking.