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2005 Nieman Fellow Absar Alam

More than 100 Nieman Fellows around the world have joined forces to condemn the April assassination attempt on journalist Absar Alam, a Nieman alumnus from the class of 2005, and are calling on Pakistan’s government to take action against those who are attacking and harassing journalists in the country.

Their statement:


An alarming surge in attacks on journalists in Pakistan has shocked the media community in the country and caused concern among journalists everywhere.

We Nieman Fellows around the world condemn the assassination attempt on our colleague Absar Alam, Nieman Fellow 2005, a senior journalist and former Chairman Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority. On 20 April 2021, while he was walking in the park near his home in Islamabad, an armed assailant fired at him. The gunshots caused injuries from which he is still recovering. Alam is known for speaking truth to power. The police have yet to arrest the criminals who masterminded the assassination attempt or the attacker.

Barely a month later, three armed men barged into the apartment of vlogger Asad Toor in Islamabad and severely beat him. Although clearly visible in CCTV footage, they have yet to be apprehended.

Last July, unidentified men kidnapped senior freelance journalist Matiullah Jan outside his wife’s place of work, also in the country’s capital Islamabad. They drove him to an unknown place and tortured him, releasing him 12 hours later after international outcry.

These are just a few incidents over the past year alone. Rights bodies have documented several instances of journalists being attacked, tortured, killed, and disappeared in Pakistan in the recent past and called for the government to take action.

We urge the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan to arrest and prosecute the criminals involved in these attacks and kidnappings. The government of Pakistan must ensure the safety of all journalists and eliminate this culture of impunity that has rendered Pakistan one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.


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  2. Robert Giles, Nieman Fellow 1966. Curator Nieman Foundation 2000-2011
  3. Ann Marie Lipinski, Nieman Fellow 1990. Curator Nieman Foundation
  4. James Geary, Nieman Fellow 2012, deputy curator, Nieman Foundation
  5. Zawwar Hasan, Nieman Fellow 1967, retired sports reporter, op-ed writer
  6. Philip Meyer, Nieman Fellow 1967, formerly with Knight-Ridder Newspapers; retired professor, UNC School of Journalism and Media
  7. Alvin Shuster, Nieman Fellow 1967, formerly with New York Times, and Los Angeles Times
  8. Beena Sarwar, Nieman Fellow 2006, freelance journalist, Boston/Karachi
  9. Nirupama Subramanian, Nieman Fellow 2003, The Indian Express, Mumbai
  10. Claudia Antunes, Nieman Fellow 2006, international editor at O Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  11. Chris Cobler, Nieman Fellow 2006, CEO and Publisher, Fort Worth Report
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(Updated July 25, 2021)