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David Skok, a 2012 Nieman Fellow, has been appointed The Boston Globe’s managing editor for digital. Skok was previously the Globe’s digital advisor. This new job comes with other responsibilities–Skok will also be general manager for, meaning he will oversee the website’s designers, engineers, and product managers.

“[W]hat makes this announcement all the better are the impressive intangibles that David has brought to his work thus far, and what we’ll see even more of going forward,” Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory wrote in an internal memo announcing Skok’s promotion. “David, we’ve all learned, may be able to proselytize on the importance of the article page, a/b testing, and earlier filing. But what we’ve also learned is that he carries a set of values that reflect the absolute best traditions of our news organization.”

Prior to joining The Boston Globe, Skok worked as digital director and managing editor for Shaw Communication’s Global News, a Canadian news website. 

In 2012, Skok co-wrote a Nieman Reports cover story called “Breaking News: Mastering the Art of Disruptive Innovation in Journalism.”  The article outlines how news executives could rethink, and potentially fix, the ailing aspects of the news industry.

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