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Truth in the Age of Social Media,” the Summer 2012 issue of Nieman Reports, is attracting notice. Among the readers weighing in:

  • The Poynter Institute’s Craig Silverman, a contributor to the issue, called the “exhaustive cover package” a “state of the art crib sheet of best practices” for vetting information. In addition, his Poynter colleague Bill Mitchell tweeted that Storyful founder Mark Little, in his piece “Finding the Wisdom in the Crowd,” “makes [a] compelling case for collaboration [with] competitors as well as non-journalists.”
  • NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen praised Linda Greenhouse’s article on the perils of seeking balance over truth, tweeting “Bit by bit the ‘he said, she said’ glacier is breaking off and crashing into the sea … The practitioners themselves balk.”
  • On his iRevolution blog, Patrick Meier, former director of Harvard’s Program on Crisis Mapping, highlighted some of the issue’s “gems,” including “Inside the BBC’s Verification Hub.”

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