Peruvian miners turn rain forest into wastelands. Corruption and mismanagement keep West Africans from clean drinking water.

These and other stories were heard from international journalists who are mapping the impact of globalization on people and the planet.

On Thursday evening, April 12, our panel discussed what it takes for journalists to accurately tell international stories that have economic, scientific, cultural, political and public health impact; and how these complex, global subjects are still being covered well, even as journalism reinvents itself online and via social media.

This program is part of the Nieman Foundation’s collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting in Washington, D.C.

Part 1: Introduction by Stefanie Friedhoff

Part 2: Tom Hundley

Part 3: Ameto Akpe

Part 4: Stephen Sapienza

Part 5: Cristine Russell

Part 6: Q & A with Panelists