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The Nieman Foundation hosts dozens of events at Lippmann House each year, featuring leading researchers, scientists, artists, writers, historians, economists and others who explore the world of ideas with Nieman Fellows and Foundation guests. Journalists and media experts also discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in journalism.


Nieman Reports explores the future of the Arab Press

Uprisings and revolt are shaping the political future of Arab nations, and journalists are trying to respond to the demand for reporting that people can trust. On Thursday, Oct. 27, Nieman Reports hosted "The Arab Press: Can It Keep Up With Political Transformations?" Read more

2011 I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence

Journalism is a powerful tool in society. At its best, journalism has the power to expose corruption, restore justice, and spur societal reform. Too often, however, a journalist’s work is adulterated with other motives: the desire to please a boss, get their story on the front page, get a promotion or make friends in the business. Read more