David Skok


Nieman Fellow2012

About David Skok

David Skok

David is the Director, Digital, for Global News.

He was a Nieman Journalism Fellow at Harvard University (2012), the first digital journalist in Canada selected for this honor. David is the co-author of Breaking News: Mastering the Art of Disruption in Journalism, a Nieman Reports e-book that he co-wrote with world-renowned innovation expert and Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen and Forum for Growth and Innovation Fellow, James Allworth.

David began his career at ABC’s Nightline, the flagship current affairs program, then anchored by Ted Koppel, in Washington D.C. He began working at Global News in 2003, where he served in increasingly senior production roles helping to create and produce several of the station’s leading news programs and special events.

In 2009, David co-created the GlobalNews.ca network.


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