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Quiet, Determined Courage

By June 18, 2015

Much has been written about John Carroll's flair as a journalist, but not enough has been said about the quiet but determined courage that made him special—as a reporter but even more impressively as an editor. Read more

Jane Spencer, NF ’13, promoted to VP at Fusion

Nieman Notes June 17, 2015

Jane Spencer has been promoted to senior vice president of emerging platforms at Fusion, a joint venture of ABC and Univision. Formerly the editor-in-chief for the multiplatform media company’s digital ventures, Spencer now focuses on brand extensions and expanding digital … Read more

Kick-ass, gutsy, gentle and generous

By Nieman Notes June 15, 2015

The surprising thing about John Carroll is that such a kick-ass, gutsy journalist could also be so sweet a man. It was John’s journalistic passion that inspired those who worked with him. But it was his gentle, generous nature that made so many love him. I was certainly among those. Read more