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In the Nieman ebook How To Make J-school Matter (Again): A blueprint for the future of journalism education, Amy Webb identifies six hidden challenges facing journalism educators today and offers a new approach to curriculum and classroom education. Webb, founder of the digital strategy firm Webbmedia Group, conducted research for the project as a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard.

The Six Hidden Challenges in Journalism Education
  • There are long-standing tensions between universities and their journalism departments or schools.
  • There is no culture of academic leadership within journalism departments and schools.
  • The current system prevents curriculum development from keeping pace with the changing realities of modern newsrooms.
  • Accreditation in journalism is a paradox, making things simultaneously better and worse.
  • Journalism departments do not fundraise on par with their peers within the university.
  • Journalism schools have not cultivated a symbiotic relationship with the industry.

Webb’s three-pronged approach includes a foundation of exceptional liberal arts coursework; a holistic survey of modern journalism and newsrooms with deep-dives into specialized concentrations; and a compulsory experiential learning component that can better mirror the educational background and expectations of young Millennials.

About the author

Amy Webb:

Amy Webb is a digital media futurist and Founder of Webbmedia Group, a leading digital strategy consulting firm that researches near-future trends in digital media and technology and answers “What’s the future of X?” for a global client base. She is a Lecturer on emerging technology and media at Columbia University and a 2014-15 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Amy is a contributing editor and columnist at Inc. Magazine, where she writes about the future of technology and business. She co-founded Knowledgewebb Training, which facilitates hands-on workshops, study trips and digital media training, and Spark Camp, a next-generation convener that facilitates important conversations on the future of a better society. In 2013, Amy published “Data, A Love Story” (Dutton/ Penguin), a bestselling book about the world of online dating, consumer behavior and finding love via algorithms. Her next book, “How Did We Miss That?” is about what the future holds and what you can do about it in the present (PublicAffairs, Fall 2016).