2012 Christopher J. Georges Conference
on College Journalism

March 30 - 31, 2012

The Christopher J. Georges Award for Excellence in Student Journalism honors exceptional, in-depth reporting by a student reporter on a policy issue of importance affecting his/her campus, community, or beyond. Judges look for reports that delve beneath the surface of the story and presenting all sides of its complexities with fairness and accuracy. The award is presented during the annual Georges Collegiate Weekend for college journalists, which is co-hosted by the Nieman Foundation and students from The Harvard Crimson.

The Georges Award aims to encourage and promote the type of journalism Christopher Georges loved best: feature stories that do not simply examine policy making and reform, but explore from a human perspective both the intended and unintended consequences of these policies on the people who are affected by them.

The Nieman Foundation is deeply grateful to the family of journalist Christopher J. Georges for their continued support of this annual conference, which provides aspiring young journalists with new ideas, skills and resources. The foundation is also thankful for the support of all the speakers and Crimson volunteers who help make the gathering possible.