Development Report

The Nieman Foundation relies on the support of individuals, foundations, journalism organizations and other associations each year to keep its programs running. The foundation is grateful to all of these vital partners who help us carry out Nieman’s mission and goals. Their generous gifts support Nieman Fellowships, journalism awards, outreach programs, conferences and special projects that help educate journalists worldwide.

Those who wish to make a gift to the Nieman Foundation may make a donation online or send a check payable to the Nieman Foundation:

The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard
One Francis Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Gifts and Grants to the Foundation

Income received during FY10 and in FY11 prior to Dec. 17, 2010.

Foundations and organizations that provided grants to support Nieman programs and fellowships

Carnegie Corporation of New York (Nieman Journalism Lab)

Committee to Protect Journalists, Inc. (Nieman Fellowships)

Dart Foundation (Nieman conferences and programs)

Favrot Fund (I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence)

Martin Wise Goodman Trust (Canadian Nieman Fellowship)

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (Knight Latin American Nieman Fellowships and support for the Nieman Journalism Lab)

Estate of Walter Lippmann (General support for the foundation)

Murrey and Frances Marder Endowment (Nieman Watchdog Project)

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (conferences and global health reporting fieldwork)

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation (Business and Community Journalism Nieman Fellowships)

Worth Bingham Memorial Fund (Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism)

Grants to Support Nieman Fellowships in the Class of 2011

The Carroll Binder Endowment: one fellow from Romania

The Barry Bingham Jr. Endowment: one fellow from Afghanistan

The British Broadcasting Corporation: one fellow from the BBC

The Atsuko Chiba Endowment: one fellow from China

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation: two fellows from Latin America

The William Montalbano Endowment: one fellow from Russia

The Ruth Cowan Nash Endowment: one fellow from Iran

The Nieman Society of Southern Africa: one fellow from South Africa

The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation: one fellowship in community journalism and one fellowship in business journalism

The Robert Waldo Ruhl Endowment: one fellow from France

The Louis Stark Endowment: one fellowship in labor reporting

Other Donors

James Ahearn (NF ’71)
Deborah Amos (NF ’92)
Frederic Barnes Jr. (NF ’78)
Kristine Bergenheim**
Elizabeth and Robert* (NF ’54) Bergenheim
Mrs. R. Worth Bingham III
Clara Bingham
Thomas Blinkhorn (NF ’68)
Christopher Bogan (NF’82)
Henry (NF ’69) and Monica Bradsher
Hodding Carter III (NF ’66)
Xiaoping Chen (NF ’98)
Grady Clay (NF ’49)
Marjorie B. and Martin Cohn
Caroline and Stephen Connaughton**
Lorie Conway (NF ’94)
David Corbett (NF ’66)
Douglas Cumming (NF ’87)
Mary C. Curtis (NF ’06) and Martin Olsen
Patricia Danaher (NF ’05)
Nicholas Daniloff (NF ’74)
Zvi Dor-Ner (NF ’77)
James Stephen Doyle (NF ’65)
Margaret Engel (NF ’79)
Mark Ethridge (NF ’86)
Charles Ferguson Jr. (NF ’66)
Renee Ferguson (NF ’07)
Kenneth Freed (NF ’78)
John Adams Geddes (NF ’03)
Robert (NF ’66) and Nancy Giles
Ellen Goodman (NF ’74) and Robert Levey (NF ’69)
Wayne Greenhaw (NF ’73)
H.D.S. Greenway (NF ’72)
Edward Hale (NF ’56)
John Harwood (NF’90)
John Norton Herbers Jr. (NF ’61)
David Himmelstein (NF ’83)
Alex Jones (NF ’82)
Gerald Jordan (NF ’82)
Hyun and Ji Young Jung
Jerry Kammer (NF ’94)
Gary Knight (NF ’10) and Fiona Turner
David Kraslow (NF ’62)
David Lamb (NF ’87)
Jennifer 8. Lee
Paul Lieberman (NF ’80)
Edmund Lambeth (NF ’68)
Bang Hyun Lim (NF ’67)
Albert Lindler (NF ’84)
Sandra Liotta**
William Marimow (NF ’83)
David Mazie (NF ’64)
Victor McElheny (NF ’63)
William McIlwain (NF ’58)
Helen and Melvin (NF ’53) Mencher
Morton Mintz (NF ’64)
Joseph Mohbat (NF ’67)
Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce**
Patricia Ann O’Brien (NF ’74)
Dieudonne Mangui-Mbeh Pigui (NF ’93)
P.R. Associates, Inc.
Harry Press (NF ’56)
Ruth Pritchard-Kelly
Roy Reed **** (NF ’64)
Eugene Varn Risher (NF ’72)
Nancy San Martin (NF ’06)
Deborah Seward (NF ’97)
Jeb Sharp (NF ’06)
Hedrick L. Smith (NF ’70)
Frank Sotomayor (NF ’86)
William Steif (NF ’53)
Ceri Thomas (NF ’05) and Amanda King
Robert Timberg (NF ’80)
Tini Tran (NF ’07)
Nathalie Villard (NF ’09)
Chris Vognar (NF ’09)
Theunissen Vosloo (NF ’71)
Marvin Wall (NF ’57)
Edward (NF ’82) and Michelle Walsh
Lawrence Weiss (NF ’49)
Mary Wiener
Edwin Williams (NF ’73)
Kazutami Yamazaki (NF ’90)
John Zakarian (NF ’69)
Jing Zhao (aka Michael Anti) (NF ’08)

NF = Nieman Fellow
* = Deceased
** = In memory of Robert Bergenheim (NF ’54)
*** = In memory of Robert Campbell (NF ’57)
**** = In memory of Jack Nelson (NF ’62)