2009 Georges Conference on College Journalism

From left: Nieman Foundation Curator Bob Giles; Thomas Kaplan, editor in chief of the The Yale Daily News and winner of the 2009 Christopher J. Georges Award for Excellence in Student Journalism; Laura Moore, winner of The Christopher J. Georges Award for Exceptional Service to The Harvard Crimson and Harvard Class of 2009; members of Christopher Georges’ family: Mary Georges, Gigi Georges and Jerry Georges.

The 2009 Christopher J. Georges Conference on College Journalism was held at Lippmann House on April 3-4. More than 70 students from 14 colleges attended and several of them and Twittered and blogged throughout the event.

As in the past, students from The Harvard Crimson, under the direction of Crimson President Maxwell Child, helped co-sponsor the event, introducing speakers, hosting visiting students on campus and making all feel welcome.

The 2009 Christopher J. Georges Award for Excellence in Student Journalism

Winner: The Yale Daily News — “Can Yale be tuition-free?” A look at what would happen if the university’s endowment were to be used to fund student tuitions. Reporter: Tom Kaplan; editors: Kimberly Chow and Tyler Hill

Honorable Mention:
The Tufts Daily — A six part series on Tufts University’s $20 million loss in Bernard Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme. Reporter: Rob Silverblatt. Editor: Ben Gittleson

The Christopher J. Georges Award for Exceptional Service to The Harvard Crimson

This year, the Georges family asked the Nieman Foundation to help create an award for a deserving Harvard Crimson student. The award recognizes a fourth-year Harvard Crimson staffer who has been particularly dedicated, worked hard, and showed strong teamwork and a sense of devotion to both the Crimson and to quality journalism throughout his or her time at the paper. The winner was to be chosen from those who were particularly giving of time and expertise to junior staff—and who had made and effort to mentor others.

Past Harvard Crimson president Malcom Glenn and current president Max Child made the selection. The student they chose is Laura Moore, a senior at Harvard. In choosing her, Malcom wrote:

“... In addition to serving as a news executive, Laura was one of the co-comp directors for the news board in 2008, helping train and mentor some of our strongest up-and-coming writers in the building. She’s also someone who’s pretty passionate about journalism, and she’s currently in the process of exploring some post-grad options in the field….…Laura has spent countless hours dedicating herself to The Crimson since her first weeks at Harvard, doing much of the behind-the-scenes and underappreciated work that is fundamental to the future of The Crimson.”