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Romney’s Immigration Hypocrisy

Nieman Notes February 5, 2008

Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s inconsistency on tough issues is widely recognized: He was pro-choice and then pro-life; he supported gun control and then he rejected it; he backed same sex marriage and then he opposed it. Read more

Journalism and Public Information in Brazil

Nieman Notes January 22, 2008

Fernando Rodrigues, Class of 2008, assembled a database with some 25,000 records of Brazilian politicians showing electoral information and personal data — including the list of personal assets of each politician who run for office in the three past general elections in Brazil. Read more

From Gaza to Harvard

Nieman Notes January 8, 2008

BBC Producer Simon Wilson, Class of 2008, blogs from Cambridge about the crisis in the American newspaper industry, and the BBC's role in national and international news reporting. Read more

Journalist’s Murder Echoes Reality of Deadly War

Nieman Notes October 16, 2007

Washington Post reporter Salih Saif Aldin was recently killed in Iraq while covering a story for his newspaper. More than 100 Iraqi journalists have died since the start of the Iraq war. New York Times reporter Abdul Razzaq al-Saiedi, Class of 2008, talks about the danger of covering a nation in battle, especially for Iraqis who work for the international media. Read more

“Just Married” to be featured in Boston festival

Nieman Notes September 30, 2007

Ayelet Bechar’s award-winning documentary will be screened on Sunday, Sept. 30, at the Boston Palestine Film Festival. The film follows the plight of two married Palestinian couples who are not allowed to live together legally in Israel because of its new Law of Citizenship. Read more

PBS features Miller, Idaho Falls Post Register on “Exposé: America’s Investigative Reports”

Nieman Notes September 26, 2007

EXPOSÉ goes inside an extraordinary investigation that unearthed hidden court records to reveal evidence of multiple victims of child sexual abuse, raising questions about some of the most cherished institutions in Idaho Falls. Dean Miller, Class of 2008, is the managing editor of the Idaho Post Register, the paper that ran an investigative series revealing years of alleged pedophile abuse by local Boy Scout leaders. Read more