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Nieman Foundation, April 12, 2019, Steve Almond - writing class. Lisa Abitbol


Lorie Hearn, NF ’95

Executive director of inewsource at San Diego State University

Lorie Hearn

Like many Fellows, I entered Harvard and Lippmann House tired, spent from what felt like half-a-life of deadlines, long hours and cutthroat competition. I intended to reignite the passion and to find answers to big questions that dogged me in the maelstrom of dailies. But the Nieman year gave me a gift that was totally unexpected, a series of conversations, encounters and contemplations that converged to change the course of my career…The wise counsel of both those who came to visit and those who were in my Nieman class led me slowly to the realization that I had done all I could do with my byline… It gave me the confidence to leave traditional journalism to be part of the future of journalism.”

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