Demetrios Papademetriou, president and co-founder of the Migration Policy Institute, delivers the keynote address


Keynote Address Widening the Lens: Immigration Reform and the Future of our Country Demetrios Papademetriou, president and co-founder, Migration Policy Institute:
Part I: The Economics of Immigration Numbers and Politics: How to Sort Through Economic Research on Immigration and Use It in Reporting Giovanni Peri, professor of economics, UC Davis, and research associate, the National Bureau of Economic Research: Judith K. Gans, Immigration Policy Program, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of Arizona:
Economic Contributions of Immigrants in the United States:
For further discussion and other viewpoints, two Center for Immigration Studies reports:

Judith K. Gans, manager of the Immigration Policy Program at the University of Arizona, left, with Harry J. Holzer, professor of public policy at Georgetown University

Part II: A Primer on Temporary Foreign Labor and EmploymentWhat Research Can Tell Us About the U.S. Labor Market and the Impact of Temporary WorkersRon Hira, research associate, Economic Policy Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology:
For further discussion and other viewpoints:
News Reports:

Part III: Debunking Enforcement Myths Behind the Rhetoric: An Overview of What is Being Done to Enforce Immigration Restrictions Marc Rosenblum, specialist in immigration policy, Congressional Research Service: On the Ground Perspectives: How Enforcement Practices Play Out in U.S. Towns, Courts and Detention Facilities Dana Marks, immigration judge and president, National Association of Immigration Judges:
Part IV: Cracking the Code: Turning Immigration Data into StoriesDigging for Themes in TRAC and What to Expect from PEW and Census Data David Burnham, investigative reporter, co-director and co-founder, Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC): Dianne Solís, senior writer, The Dallas Morning News: Taming Data, Finding Narratives Ronald Campbell, investigative reporter, The Orange County Register: DataViz: A Practical Guide to Mapping and Designing Immigration Stories with Data and Open-Source SoftwareClaudia Núñez, investigative journalist, Human Rights Watch:
Part V: Lessons LearnedComing to Terms with Complexity: Taking the Immigration Beat Forward Marilyn Geewax, senior business editor, NPR, on navigating the politics of the economic impact story: Anh Do, multicultural communities reporter, Los Angeles Times