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Cover Story: Mastering the art of disruptive innovation in journalism
By Clayton M. Christensen, David Skok, and James Allworth
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Finding a Way Forward
A Nieman Fellow on engaging the Harvard Business School’s master of innovation in a mission to save the news industry
By David Skok
From the Nieman Foundation Curator: Rising to the Challenge
Tumult in the news industry has brought a new urgency to the work of the Nieman Foundation
By Ann Marie Lipinski

From the Archives

Can the Newspaper Industry Stare Disruption in the Face?
‘Lessons learned from past failures can help to ensure future triumphs.’
By Scott D. Anthony and Clark G. Gilbert
Spring 2006
The Business of News, The News About Business
Special 1999 edition of Nieman Reports on the future of journalism, in which there is only one reference to the Internet. Lou Ureneck, NF ’95, who teaches journalism at Boston University, perceptively warned that the Internet “threatens the pot of gold at the back of newspapers—the classifieds.”
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What’s Wrong With the Newspaper Reader
A PDF of the cover story for the first issue of Nieman Reports.
By William J. Miller
February 1947