Foundation Financials

FY13 Financial Highlights

Our balance sheet remains strong, with a total of almost $122,000,000 in long-term investments, up about 6 percent from fiscal year 2012.

Total revenue for the Nieman Foundation in fiscal year 2013 decreased by 2.1 percent over fiscal year 2012, primarily due to two non-federal sponsored grants ending in fiscal year 2012 and a 50 percent decrease in current use gifts.

These decreases in revenue were offset by a 5 percent increase in “endowment returns made available for operations.” 

Total expenses decreased by 9 percent, due to a reorganization of foundation staff, the discontinuation of the Nieman Watchdog website and reduced staff travel.

Development Report

The Nieman Foundation is grateful to the many generous individuals, foundations, journalism organizations and other groups that support its programs and publications each year. Their gifts help fund Nieman Fellowships, journalism awards, outreach programs, conferences and other special projects that educate journalists around the globe and help Nieman fulfill its mission and goals.

Those who wish to make a gift to the Nieman Foundation may make a donation online or send a check payable to the Nieman Foundation:

The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard
One Francis Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Gifts and Grants to the Foundation
Income received during FY13 and in FY14 prior to Dec. 20, 2013.

Foundations and organizations that provided grants to support Nieman programs and fellowships:
  • Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, formerly named the Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Foundation (Filipino Nieman Fellowship)
  • Christopher J. Georges Journalism Fund (support for student journalism)
  • Martin Wise Goodman Trust (Canadian Nieman Fellowship)
  • John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (support for the Nieman Journalism Lab)
  • Estate of Walter Lippmann (general support for the foundation)
  • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (conference on immigration reporting)
  • Murrey and Frances Marder Endowment (Murrey Marder Nieman Fellowship in Watchdog Journalism)
  • Morris Endowment Fund (Joe Alex Morris Jr. Memorial lecture by an American foreign correspondent)
  • Taylor Family Award Fund (honoring fairness in newspapers)
  • Donald W. Reynolds Foundation (Donald W. Reynolds Nieman Fellowships in Business and Community Journalism)
  • Worth Bingham Memorial Fund (Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism)
Grants to Support Nieman Fellowships in the Class of 2014
  • The Carroll Binder Endowment: one fellow from Afghanistan
  • The Barry Bingham Jr. Endowment: one fellow from Nigeria
  • The Atsuko Chiba Endowment: one fellow from Italy
  • The William Montalbano Endowment: one fellow from New Zealand
  • Ruth Cowan Nash Endowment: one fellow from the Mexico
  • The Nieman Society of Southern Africa: one fellow from South Africa
  • The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation: one fellowship in community journalism and one fellowship in business journalism
  • Sovereign Bank and the Marco Polo Program of Banco Santander: one fellow from China
  • The Robert Waldo Ruhl Endowment: one fellow from Romania
  • The Louis Stark Endowment: one fellowship in labor reporting
Other Donors
  • Fernando Berguido, NF ’11
  • Uri (NF ’98) and Mary Berliner
  • Daniel Biddle, NF ’90
  • Peter Binzen, NF ’62
  • Thomas A. Blinkhorn, NF ’68
  • Henry S. (NF ’69) and Monica P. Bradsher
  • Helen Branswell, NF ’11
  • Marcus Brauchli, NF ’92
  • Daniel B. Brewster Jr., NF ’83
  • Eugene Carlson, NF ’76
  • Richard Chacon, NF ’05
  • Ned (NF ’74) and Linda Cline
  • John J. Corry, NF ’65
  • Douglas (NF ’87) and Elizabeth Cumming
  • Mary Curtis (NF ’06) and Martin Olsen
  • Nicholas (NF ’74) and Ruth Daniloff
  • George de Lama, NF ’92
  • Zvi Dor-Ner, NF ’77
  • Mark Ethridge, NF ’86
  • Carmen Fields, NF ’86
  • Kenneth (NF ’78) and Sandra Freed
  • Gilbert (NF ’83) and Catherine Gaul
  • James Geary, NF ’12
  • John Geddes, NF ’03
  • General Electric Foundation
  • Robert (NF ’66) and Nancy Giles
  • Gerald Grant, NF ’68
  • John Harwood, NF ’90
  • John Herbers Jr., NF ’61
  • Alex Jones, NF ’82
  • Gerald (NF ’82) and Elizabeth Jordan
  • Bill (NF ’89) and Lynne Kovach
  • Thomas & Carol Langfitt Family Foundation
  • Nancy Lee, NF ’87
  • Siew Ying Leu, NF ’08
  • Mitchel Levitas, NF ’59
  • Terri Lichstein (NF ’97) and Nancy Freedman
  • Paul Lieberman, NF ’80
  • Albert Lindler, NF ’84
  • Ann Marie Lipinski, NF ’90
  • Bruce Locklin, NF ’78
  • Melissa Ludtke, NF ’92
  • Estate of Robert Manning, NF ’46
  • Murrey Marder, NF ’50
  • William (NF ’83) and Diane Marimow
  • David Mazie, NF ’64
  • Victor (NF ’63) and Ruth McElheny
  • Ian (NF ’62) and Marla Menzies
  • Lindsay Miller (NF ’88) and Peter Ambler
  • Morton A. (NF ’64) and Anita Mintz
  • Luis Moreno, NF ’91
  • Maggie Mulvihill, NF ’05
  • Reg Murphy, NF ’60
  • Stepehn Northup, NF ’74
  • Patricia O’Brien NF ’74
  • C. Michael (NF ’85) and Monique Pride
  • Daniel Schechter, NF ’78
  • Jennifer Sharp, NF ’06
  • David Skok, NF ’12
  • William (NF ’53) and Susan Steif
  • Carol (NF ’72) and Elliot Surkin
  • E. Frank Sutherland, NF ’78
  • Robert R. Timberg, NF ’80
  • Louis Ureneck, NF ’95
  • Edward Walsh, NF ’82
  • Walter Watson, NF ’08
  • David Welna, NF ’98
  • William (NF ’77) and Carolyn Wheatley
  • Edwin (NF ’73) and Marylyn Williams
NF = Nieman Fellow