Programs & Publications

The Nieman Foundation produces four publications that explore the many challenges and opportunities facing all working journalists today. They are important resources that help the foundation carry out its mission to “promote and elevate the standards of journalism and educate persons deemed specially qualified for journalism.”

  • Nieman Journalism Lab — a website that reports on the future of news and identifies emerging business models, innovation and best practices in journalism in the digital media age

  • Nieman Reports — an influential quarterly magazine and website that explores contemporary challenges and opportunities in journalism

  • Nieman Storyboard a website that showcases exceptional narrative journalism in every medium and explores the future of nonfiction storytelling

  • Nieman Watchdog — a website that poses questions the press should ask and teaches journalists how to monitor and hold accountable all those who exert power in public life

Nieman programs include journalism conferences that explore specific beats and issues and share the foundation’s thinking and resources on those topics with a global audience.

Our ongoing collaboration with the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma educates journalists about the many facets of reporting on trauma and tragedy while our work with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting explores ways to expand and support international news coverage.

The Nieman Global Health Reporting program not only brings leading journalists to Harvard for a year of study and subsequent fieldwork each year, it also provides leadership in global health journalism in conjunction with other journalism institutions and leading experts at Harvard.

The Nieman Foundation is grateful to the many journalists and other contributors who support our publications, conferences and workshops throughout the year.