Development Report

The Nieman Foundation relies on the support of individuals, foundations, journalism organizations and other associations each year to keep its programs running. The foundation is grateful to all of these vital partners who help us carry out Nieman’s mission and goals. Their generous gifts support Nieman Fellowships, journalism awards, outreach programs, conferences and special projects that help educate journalists worldwide.

Those who wish to make a gift to the Nieman Foundation may make a donation online or send a check payable to the Nieman Foundation:

The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard
One Francis Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Gifts and Grants to the Foundation

Income received during FY11 and in FY12 prior to Dec. 13, 2011.

Foundations and organizations that provided grants to support Nieman programs and fellowships

Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Foundation (Philippines Nieman Fellowship)

Dart Foundation (Nieman conferences and programs)

Martin Wise Goodman Trust (Canadian Nieman Fellowship)

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (Knight Latin American Nieman Fellowships and support for the Nieman Journalism Lab)

Estate of Walter Lippmann (general support for the foundation)

Murrey and Frances Marder Endowment (Nieman Watchdog Project)

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (conferences and global health reporting fieldwork)

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation (Business and Community Journalism Nieman Fellowships)

Worth Bingham Memorial Fund (Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism)

Grants to Support Nieman Fellowships in the Class of 2012

The Carroll Binder and Barry Bingham Jr. Endowments: one fellow from Pakistan

The Atsuko Chiba Endowment: one fellow from China

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation: two fellows from Latin America

The William Montalbano Endowment: one fellow from Japan

The Ruth Cowan Nash Endowment: one fellow from the United Kingdom

The Nieman Society of Southern Africa: one fellow from South Africa

The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation: one fellowship in community journalism and one fellowship in business journalism

The Robert Waldo Ruhl Endowment: one fellow from Switzerland

The Louis Stark Endowment: one fellowship in labor reporting

Other Donors

Harry Brandt Ayers (NF’68)
David Bank (NF’96)
Mary J. Barnett
Martha Bebinger (NF’10)
Elizabeth Bergenheim
Mrs. R. Worth Bingham III
Clara York Bingham
Christopher Bogan (NF’82)
Simeon Saunders Booker Jr. (NF’51)
Joseph L. Bower
Carol D. Bradley (NF’04)
Daniel B. Brewster Jr. (NF’83)
Eugene Carlson (NF’76)
Cheryl Carpenter (NF’05)
John Sawyer Carroll (NF’72)
Constance Casey (NF’89)
Robert Phillips Clark (NF’61)
Grady Clay (NF ’49)
Mr. (NF’75) and Mrs. Ned Aubrey Cline
Alfredo Corchado (NF’09)
Carolyn Curiel
David K. Dahl (NF’03)
Nicholas (NF’74) and Ruth Daniloff
George de Lama (NF’92)
Benjamin G. Defensor (NF’72)
T.M. Deford
Thomas J. Dolan (NF’75)
James Stephen Doyle (NF ’65)
Ana C. Enriquez (NF’05)
Mark Ethridge (NF’86)
Carmen Fields (NF’86)
Robert (NF ’66) and Nancy Giles
Ellen Goodman (NF ’74) and Robert L. Levey (NF ’69)
William R. Grant (NF’80)
Anita M. Harris (NF’82)
Katherine A. Harting (NF’79)
John Harwood (NF’90)
John Norton Herbers Jr. (NF ’61)
E. Philip Hudgins (NF’74)
Anne Victoria Hull (NF’95)
Karl Idsvoog (NF’83)
Derrick Z. Jackson (NF’84)
Damakant Jayshi (NF’07)
Alex Jones (NF ’82)
Gerald Jordan (NF ’82)
Hyun and Ji Young Jung
Maria Kirsch
Gary Knight (NF ’10) and Fiona Turner
Edmund Lambeth (NF ’68)
Forrest M. Landon
Nancy Lee (NF’87)
Elizabeth Leland (NF’92)
Siew Ying Leu (NF’08)
David C. Lewis (NF’94)
Paul Lieberman (NF’80)
Veronica Lopez (NF’97)
Dieudonne Mangui-Mbeh Pigui (NF’93)
Walter William Meek (NF’67)
Marguerite Mulvihill (NF’05)
Emily O’Reilly (NF’88)
Dennis Pather (NF’88)
Raul Penaranda Undurraga (NF’08)
Ines Pohl (NF’05)
C.M. Pride (NF’85)
Roy E. Reed (NF’64)
Susan S. Richardson (NF’03)
Linda Robinson (NF’01)
Joseph H. Rodriguez
Nancy San Martin (NF ’06)
Shelby Tamms Scates (NF’63)
Jennifer Sharp (NF’06)
Sung-Soon Shin (NF’92)
Michael J. Skoler (NF’93)
Anita Snow (NF’10)
Dianne Solis (NF’90)
William Steif (NF’53)
Richard Steyn (NF’86)
Tommy Tomlinson (NF’09) and Alix D. Felsing
Theunissen Vosloo (NF’71)
Marvin Davis Wall (NF’57)
Edward Walsh (NF’82)
Stuart Watson (NF’08)
Walter Watson (NF’08)
William O. (NF’77) and Carolyn Wheatley
John J. Zakarian (NF’69)