Nieman Reports

Signal vs. Noise in Coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings
By Ann Marie Lipinski

Organize the Noise: Tweeting Live from the Boston Manhunt
A reporter and a programmer on what social media coverage of the Boston bombings means for journalism
By Seth Mnookin and Hong Qu

Mapping the Twitterverse
MIT researcher Todd Mostak visualizes tweets about the Boston Marathon Bombings

Reporting on Radicalization
A call for more Muslim voices and faces in the media
By Souad Mekhennet

New Challenges, New Rewards for Journalists on Social Media
In the age of crowdsourced reporting, we need professional journalists more than ever
By Borja Echevarría de la Gándara

Curation Is the Key to Bringing Social Media and Journalism Together
How journalists can curate social media streams
By Ludovic Blecher

The (New) Industry Standard: Making Citizen Broadcasters into Citizen Journalists
When everyone is a publisher, everyone should be a journalist, too
By Betsy O'Donovan

A Marathon Without a Finish
By David Abel
Boston Globe reporter David Abel was standing on the finish line of the Marathon with a video camera when the bombs went off

The Story of a Lifetime
By David L. Marcus
Two weeks after the bombings, Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory explains how his regional newspaper stayed ahead on national news

Social Media and the Boston Bombings
By Hong Qu
Hong Qu used Keepr to identify the tweets that broke news of the bombing.

Journalism & The Boston Marathon Bombings
By Jonathan Seitz
In a town hall discussion at the Nieman Foundation, citizens, journalists and public officials discussed coverage of the bombings

Niemans Cover the Boston Marathon Bombs
Terror at Home, Abroad
Two collections of coverage by Nieman Fellows

Nieman Lab

Breaking News Pragmatically: Some reflections on silence and timing in networked journalism
By Mike Ananny

Wrong narratives may outweigh wrong facts, but reporting with respect means getting both right
By Caroline O'Donovan

When the media—traditional or new—get a suspect wrong, what are the legal ramifications?
By Jeffrey Hermes

Double coverage: How The Boston Globe used its dual sites to cover the marathon bombing
By Justin Ellis

Nieman Storyboard

The story of a moment
By Paige Williams
How a Nieman writing class reacted to news of the bombings

‘Why's this so good?’ No. 77: Danny and the carjackers
A dissection of The Boston Globe's profile of the carjacking victim