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USAID head stresses value of global health journalism

Talks December 9, 2011

Speaking before journalists and policymakers at Harvard on Dec. 8, USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah discussed USAID initiatives that are saving the lives of people around the globe, including successful programs to reduce child mortality rates. Read more

News and Entertainment in the Digital Age: A Vast Wasteland Revisited

Talks November 20, 2011

In 1961, FCC Chairman Newt Minow famously described television as a “vast wasteland” and called for new public interest programming. Fifty years later, Minow gathered at Harvard with others including Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow, Nieman Foundation Curator Ann Marie Lipinski (NF ’90), Jonathan Alter of Bloomberg View, and Harvard Law School’s Yochai Benkler, Terry Fisher, John Palfrey, and Jonathan Zittrain to reflect on the changed nature of television and the dramatic shifts that have shaped the media landscape in the past five decades. Read more

Editor Who Shaped Chicago Tribune Steps Down

Nieman Notes July 14, 2008

Ann Marie Lipinski, 30 summers after she arrived at the Chicago Tribune for what was supposed to be a three-month internship and seven years after becoming its first female editor, announced her resignation from the newspaper she called "the love of my life." Lipinski is a member of the Class of 1990. Read more

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