Summer 2012

The Process of Verification

Finding the Wisdom in the Crowd
- Mark Little

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In March, Storyful’s sources in Syria tweeted that security forces were moving through Idlib province. In searching for visual evidence, the Storyful team found a 30-second YouTube clip which claimed to show troops in the Idlib town of Darkoush. News editor Malachy Browne explains a number of details that were checked to verify that the town shown was, in fact, Darkoush.

1 Comment on The Process of Verification
Vivek Shenoy says:
July 23, 2012 at 12:54am
Very interesting. As more and more user generated content makes its way into main stream consumption, it will often require established media houses to validate and ensure authenticity of the content. So has, the role of newspapers, magazines and online publishers focusing on news has increased from curator of content to include validating the authenticity of content?
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