Women and Journalism: International Perspectives

In an excerpt Niemen Reports published from a book about gender and journalism, Margaret Gallagher wrote in 2001: “Wherever one looks in the world, women still have relatively little decision-making power either inside the media organizations themselves, or in the political and economic institutions with which these organizations must interface.” From Europe to Africa, Indonesia to India, from Arab countries to South America, women journalists share stories from the newsroom and describe how news coverage changes when women are among the decision-makers.

Women and Journalism: International Perspectives
By Melissa Ludtke, Editor
Reporting on Gender in Journalism
‘Why do so few women reach the top?’
By Margaret Gallagher
Worldwoman Stretches Its Reach to Several Continents
By training rural women how to tell their stories, the coverage of news changes.
By Lesley Riddoch
In Nigerian Newspapers, Women Are Seen, Not Heard
Even influential women journalists stay away from coverage of women’s issues.
By Christine Anyanwu
An Absence of Women
At newspapers in South Africa, few women are at the top. Some wonder why and ask why it matters.
By Pippa Green
Community Radio Provides Women a Way to Have Their Voices Heard (1 comment)
Rural African women are trained in the use of reporters’ technological tools.
By L. Muthoni Wanyeki
Changing the Way Women’s Lives Are Portrayed
‘Ordinary women only are considered news when something they’ve done is “bad”….’
By Lettie Longwe
‘Who Makes the News?’
The Global Media Monitoring Project 2000 finds great disparities in news coverage of men and women.
By Teresita Hermano and Anna Turley
In Poland, Women Run the Largest News Organization (1 comment)
But critics contend that coverage of women’s news is ‘unpredictable and ignores many key issues.’
By Peggy Simpson
Reporting on War, Listening to Women
An Indonesian journalist argues that women have a ‘psychological map’ of war.
By Ratih Hardjono
Women, War and the Media
Excerpts from an essay by Ammu Joseph
Storming the Citadel of Hard News Coverage
Women report alongside men but their impact can be difficult to discern.
By Ammu Joseph
Media Don’t Portray the Realities of Women’s Lives
Business decisions and societal ambivalence in India leave many women’s stories untold.
By Sakuntala Narasimhan
Bringing Women’s Stories to a Reluctant Mainstream Press (1 comment)
At Women’s Feature Service, journalists write about women’s lives.
By Angana Parekh
In Pakistan, Journalists Maintain Women’s Lesser Status
[Journalists] ‘have a somewhat conformist approach towards women’s issues.’
By Massoud Ansari
‘Visual Voices’: Photos From China (1 comment)
‘Women turn the camera’s eye on their own lives.’
The Varied Pace of Women’s Progress
Surveys by the International Federation of Journalists find similar challenges but contrasting results for women in different countries.
By Bettina Peters
Women Bring a Certain Look and Feeling to News
A South American journalist believes stories women cover best are what the public now wants.
By Veronica Lopez
Between the Rhetoric of Equality and the Harsh Reality
In Latin America, women journalists share experiences to find a way forward.
By Blanca Rosales
Machismo Is Only One Obstacle Women Face
A Colombian war reporter becomes involved with women’s issues.
By María Cristina Caballero
Breaking Down Barriers in the Arab Media
Women activists have shown that obstacles to progress take many forms.
By Naomi Sakr
Arab Women Media Center
Moving Coverage Beyond a Woman’s Veil
In Iran, important stories about women are submerged by inaccurate assumptions.
By Naghmeh Sohrabi