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Visual Journalism

Teaching Photojournalism and Multimedia Skills

Teaching j-school students the techniques and sensibilities of visual journalism—and informing them about its ethics and practices—are essential in preparing them for their inevitable work as multimedia reporters. Use Nieman Reports’ firsthand accounts to let your students experience how visual journalists work in today’s digital media.

In Nieman Reports, photojournalists and multimedia reporters describe how they do their jobs in the era of digital media and share ideas about how to fund projects and get assignments at a time of diminishing newsroom resources. To assist your teaching, we are highlighting Nieman Reports' stories that relate directly to teaching about photojournalism and multimedia storytelling. We encourage you to explore the range of articles in our Visual Journalism issue published in the spring of 2010.

My Story, My Goal” showcases the collaborative multimedia efforts of graduate students at the University of Miami’s School of Communication and students from seven Knight Center for International Media partner schools in Africa and Asia as they told stories related to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. (The University of Miami received a 2011 "Best of the Web" award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications for "My Story, My Goal.") Rich Beckman, who is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at Miami’s Knight Center for International Media, wrote about how this partnership evolved—and the training programs that are behind its success—in a story entitled “Collaborative Learning: A Global Multimedia Experience.”

Watch University of Miami student multimedia projects below:

These links lead to the stories we've highlighted for use in j-school classes: