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“What is a news organization’s responsibility to its reporters who are eyewitnesses to murder? Can an editorial staff experience depression or long-term PTSD as a result of such exposure? What are the local news media’s obligations to the national news media as requests for background information and interviews pile up? In the case of a community weekly, when do we say “no” and take care of our own coverage and our own needs? When the national dailies, TV networks, and the cable news channel operations finally go away, what should the continuing coverage of the local news media operation be like? Can the content of such coverage help with the healing of a community, as well as a newspaper’s own staff?”

– Don Corrigan is editor and co-publisher of the Webster-Kirkwood Times and South County Times in suburban St. Louis and a professor of journalism at Webster University.

Why Journalists Need to Learn About Trauma
A survey of j-school professors and journalists emphasized the value of education and training in trauma reporting, with suggestions for how this learning can be happen.
By Jad Melki