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Entrepreneurial News Reporting: Digital Approaches

Digital news entrepreneurs—pioneers at online-only news operations, others who work in multimedia storytelling—are terrific sources of inspiration for j-school students eager to learn about digital journalism’s evolving forms and function. From to, discussion ranges from platforms to interactivity, from funding to social media, from what’s happening now to what happens next, with journalism at the core of each story.
  • Let’s Talk: Journalism and Social Media It’s where j-school students live—on mobile digital devices—texting, taking photos, sharing what they discover with friends, and checking headlines. How does social media fit into what they can do as journalists?
  • Voyages of Discovery into New Media Invite your students to step inside the minds of digital pioneers and learn what it's like to operate a Web-only news operation.
  • Diving Into Books About Digital Media From j-school professor Cindy Royal, who has studied the Internet's effect on communication and culture, comes a recommended reading list of five books about digital media and links to related online resources.
  • The Search for True North: New Directions in a New Territory Has journalism lost its way in the digital era? Offer students insights about how journalism fits into changing habits of consumers in how they get their news and new approaches by journalists to telling stories and reporting the news.