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Journalists: Risks, Courage and Performance

Essayist and author Lance Morrow wrote these words about the Nieman Reports’ essays on the subject of courage: they explored, he observed, “manifestations of courage not only in the face of physical dangers that threaten journalists but also in less violent environments—the political and corporate—that may endanger journalism itself.” In recounting moments from their reporting lives, journalists convey to j-school students in very personal ways how courage is asked of them and how they have responded.


  • Reflections on Courage
    • International Journalists In words poignant and piercing, reporters tell of dangers faced in trying to do their jobs in places where governments threaten, imprison and sometimes kill journalists for reporting what they see and learn.
    • United States Journalists Despite the Constitutional guarantee of press freedom, the courage of U.S. reporters is tested in ways that are important for students to learn. Learn what it's like for journalists to try to function in a country in which government eyes are always watching.
  • Iran: Can Its Stories Be Told? To tell the stories of Iran requires journalists to take risks and demonstrate courage. In describing what they do, Iranian reporters and Western ones provide contemporary glimpses of courage.