Summer 2001

Latino Voices: Journalism By and About Latinos

How is the rapid increase in Hispanic American population affecting communities? What are the economic, social, cultural and educational benefits and hardships brought about by this significant demographic shift? Will the numbers and force of Hispanic voters alter the nation’s political landscape? The questions to be raised and stories to be told vary as greatly as do people portrayed by the word “Hispanic.”

Latino Voices: Journalism By and About Latinos
By Melissa Ludtke, Editor
Latinos Bring More Than Diversity to the Newsroom
In the new millennium, there is cause for celebration and reason for concern.
By Cecilia Alvear
The Elusive Hispanic / Latino Identity (1 comment)
By Marie Arana
Caution: Words Have Meaning
By Rosa María Santana
The Only or the Lonely
Latino journalists speak up about coverage, but doing so takes its toll.
By Cindy Rodríguez
The Borderlands of Journalism (1 comment)
Typical story assignments underscore the difficulty of defeating stereotypes.
By Antonio López
It’s Not Easy Escaping Ethnic Labels and Expectations
In cultural journalism, Latino critics confront a double-edged sword.
By Oscar Garza
Daring to Write Our Secrets
Latino journalists don’t serve their communities by failing to probe for stories.
By Juleyka Lantigua
Speaking the Language of Understanding
Spanish helps in reporting Latino stories, but it isn’t enough.
By Carolina González
Using a Cultural Icon to Explore a People’s Heart
A photographer invites community members to help create new images.
By Delilah Montoya
Observations on the Potential and Paradox of Latinos in Journalism
Progress provides seats at morning story meetings, but doesn’t lessen the challenges.
By Ray Suárez
A Journalist Struggles With Objectivity vs. Obligation
With a Latino readership, is coverage of certain issues likely to be biased?
By Pilar Marrero
Being a Latina Journalist at a Spanish-Language Newspaper (2 comments)
‘I don’t have to explain why it’s a story.’
By Evelyn Hernández
Language Can Create Barriers for Young Journalists
One news director considered a reporter’s Spanish ‘not Mexican enough.’
By Antonio Mejías-Rentas
The Evening News en Español
Univisión’s anchor connects the network’s mission with journalism.
By María Elena Salinas
Coverage of Latino Life Is an American Story
Resistance comes from older managers. Acceptance comes from younger viewers.
An Interview with María Hinojosa
The ‘Latino Initiative’ Reshapes the Los Angeles Times’s Coverage
Its goal is to spread awareness of Latino news throughout the newsroom.
By Frank del Olmo
El Nuevo Herald Provides a Latin American Take On the News
At its sister newspaper, The Miami Herald, news judgments are different.
By Bárbara Gutiérrez
There’s a Need at the Top for Latino Journalists
The road there can be filled with tough choices and difficult tradeoffs.
By George de Lama
Hispanic Workers Bring Changes to Midwestern Communities (1 comment)
An Indiana newspaper decides to look at what these changes are.
By Rich Davis
Words & Reflections
By Melissa Ludtke, Editor
Taylor Family Establishes Award for Fairness in Journalism
‘Fairness keeps the playing field of a democratic society level.’
By David Nyhan
Readers Know Unfairness When They See It
If journalists listen to readers’ observations, there is progress in fairness to be made.
By Bob Haiman
What Does Financial Reporting Look Like Today?
Give ’em the scores and show a few highlights of the game.
By Ray Brady
Teaching About Diversity
Media play an inadvertent but critical role in youngsters’ learning.
By Ellen Hume
International Journalism
By Melissa Ludtke, Editor
The Roots of NTV’s Difficulties Dig Deeply Into Political Turf
In Russia, there are lessons to be learned from what happened at Media-Most.
By Andrei Zolotov, Jr.
News and Views Got Inside China During the Airplane Crisis
Voice of America delivered comprehensive reporting in native languages.
By Sanford J. Ungar
Curator's Corner
Creating a Road Map for Journalism’s Mission
Journalists reflect on nine core principles.
By Bob Giles
Fairness in Journalism is Rewarded
By spotlighting examples, we learn how fairness is perceived.
By Bob Giles
Nieman Notes
Digital Technology Could Lead Journalism Back to Its Roots (1 comment)
Entrepreneurial reporters will gather and distribute news in new ways.
By Bryan Rich
Convergence Arrives at Lippmann House
Fellows learn about digital technology, but wonder about its place in journalism.
By Anne Fitzgerald