Spring 2007

Afghanistan: Stories Come Back Into View

I feel sad that Afghanistan is back in the news. ... Afghanistan was never going to become Sweden, but had the world really been committed to rebuilding it after 2001, and not been distracted by Iraq, then the return of Western journalists to report again on another war might never have been necessary.

Afghanistan: Stories Come Back Into View
By Melissa Ludtke, Editor
A Dangerous Yet Still Necessary Assignment
By Christina Lamb
‘Have you ever used a pistol?’
In an excerpt from her July 2, 2006 article in The Sunday Times, Christina Lamb writes about her experience of being caught in a fierce Taliban ambush while traveling with coalition troops in Afghanistan.
An excerpt from an article by Christina Lamb
The Sights, Sounds and Smells of Afghanistan
A reporter and photographer from a midsized newspaper in Arkansas spent a month in Afghanistan so their readers would know what was happening there.
By Bob Wigginton
On a Perilous Reporting Journey to Southwestern Afghanistan
A Pakistani journalist is held by the Taliban, then faces a challenging trip back to the border with information rarely obtained by reporters.
By Syed Saleem Shahzad
Laughter and Memories Shared Amid Danger
An interpreter says that if the Taliban fighter ‘found out I worked for foreigners’ — here Qahir ran his finger across his neck — ‘no more questions, I’m slaughtered.’
By Renée Montagne
Uncovering Afghanistan
Cultural traditions have continued to constrain women's lives and voices even five years after the end of Taliban rule.
By Pamela Constable
Foreign Reporting: Adding Layers to What Goes in the Notebook
Using the tools of digital media, a reporter and photojournalist create a narrative multimedia account of what's happening in Afghanistan.
By Charles M. Sennott
Five Years Later Afghanistan Faces New Threats From an Old Foe
An NPR correspondent who reported on the war in 2001 now finds stories to tell about an enemy who once seemed to be defeated.
By Ivan Watson
Examining Closely Why an Important Story Is Not
In an excerpt from his upcoming book, journalist Roy Gutman returns to a critical moment in Afghanistan's past to explore the news media's response.
By Roy Gutman
Strategizing to Cover the Afghanistan Story
By Roy Gutman
Military Barriers Impede a Newspaper's Investigation
When the Los Angeles Times set out to tell how two Afghans held in U.S. military custody died, its efforts to report the story met resistance at every twist and turn.
By Craig Pyes
Afghans Learn How to Tell Visual Stories
Founded by a photojournalist, a school and photo agency offer Afghans the opportunity to show their country through their eyes.
By Travis Beard
Photo Gallery
By Fardin Waezi
Photo Gallery
By Gulbuddin Elham
Photo Gallery (1 comment)
By Najibullah Musafer
Photo Gallery
By Safya Saify
Avian Flu, A Pandemic & the Role of Journalists: Excerpts From a Conference
By Melissa Ludtke, Editor
Preparing for Pandemic Flu
By Various Sources
Understanding the Threat
A Focus on the Science
By Michael Osterholm & Marc Lipsitch
Press Lessons From the 1918 Pandemic Flu (2 comments)
By John M. Barry
The Terror of Disease
By John M. Barry
Understanding the Risk
What Frightens Rarely Kills
By Peter Sandman
Preparing for the Crisis
By Betty Kirby, John Thompson & Michael Loehr
Reacting to the Crisis
From Public Trust to Panic
By Dori Reissman & Sandro Galea
Communicating News of an Outbreak
How best to get information out to the public in ways that are trustworthy and timely
By Glen Nowak & Dick Thompson
Interaction of Journalists and Sources
By Bruce Shapiro, Patricia Thomas & Ford Rowan
Reporting From the Frontlines of the Flu
By Margie Mason, Maggie Fox & Christy Feig
The Many Dimensions of the Avian Flu Story
By Maryn McKenna, Alan Sipress, Lu Yi, Harro Albrecht, Helen Branswell and John Pope
Creating a Bookshelf of Valuable Resources
List compiled by Maryn McKenna
Words & Reflections
The Book as an Investigative Vehicle for News
A journalist explores why news organizations too often fail ‘to treat the investigative discoveries of the book authors as headline grabbers.’
By Steve Weinberg
The War in Iraq and 9/11: Recent Investigative Books
The War in Iraq and 9/11: Interviews with Journalist Authors
Curator's Corner
Sixty Years of Nieman Reports—And Still Counting
A look back at the magazine's first issue is a reminder of what has changed and all that remains the same.
By Bob Giles
Nieman Notes
Allister Sparks Laments the Journalistic Decline of the United States—His Lodestar
A personal note from one '63 Nieman Fellow to another, and in it a harsh repudiation of American newspapers and TV.
By Saul Friedman
Global Health Fellowships at the Nieman Foundation
In a new and unique collaborative effort, Nieman Fellows devote a year to the study of global health issues, including a reporting trip to a developing nation.
By Stefanie Friedhoff