Fall 2010 | Online Exclusives

Reporting From Faraway Places: Who Does It and How?

Foreign bureaus staffed by correspondents from a newspaper or broadcast network are now largely relics of a bygone era. As this 20th century model of reporting fades, fresh approaches to international reporting are evolving. Nonprofits and freelancers fill much of the void left by news organizations, as do locally based correspondents, an array of partnerships, and digital experimentation. Writing out of their experiences with these new approaches, reporters and editors portray a time of dizzying change, economic challenges, and abundant storytelling possibilities.

Reporting From Faraway Places: Who Does It and How?
International Reporting Resources
For those interested in learning more about international reporting, we have compiled a list of sources that cover the field.
What Can Be Taught?
Looking at Western and Eastern Ideas About Journalism
When Glenn Mott returned to China to teach journalism 15 years after his first stint, he found crucial differences, among them critical thinking and a rising level of talent.
By Glenn Mott