Winter 2005

The BBC’s College of Journalism

By Richard Sambrook
The BBC is establishing a College of Journalism to raise and support editorial standards. All journalistic staff in the BBC will be given a minimum level of training each year, and in the future the completion of required training will be seen as integral to promotion. The college will have an annual budget of $15 million and be based within the BBC’s current offices in London. In addition to the core journalistic craft and production skills, which have been the mainstay of journalist training in recent years, the College of Journalism will also focus on ethics and values and building knowledge on key themes and issues, such as Europe and the Middle East. The college will be fully operational in 2006, but the enhanced training is already underway. So far, 10,000 staffers have completed an online editorial policy course (the biggest BBC interactive training initiative yet), and 8,000 staff members have attended workshops on sources and attribution. The college will work in partnership with other journalism training institutions and news organizations. If the BBC wants to broadcast world-class journalism, it must offer its staff world-class training.

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Irfan Raja says:
January 13, 2010 at 5:40pm
I think the BBC should also involve members of public at local levels to train them to participate and produce more local journalism. This will enhance community cohesion, a key issues facing Britain at the moment. It will also develop a sense of belonging towards the BBC which in turn improve corporation's image in public eyes.

University of Huddersfield
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