Niemans in the News

  1. Three Nieman Fellows Bring Home Pulitzers - April 7

    The Washington Post swept the 2008 Pulitzers, taking home six of the 14 journalism categories — the most ever for the newspaper. Three Nieman Fellows were among those who contributed to this windfall.

  2. Meldrum: South Africa’s 'Crucial Role' in Zimbabwe Crisis - April 4

    After years of economic crisis and repressive leadership under President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe looks poised for change. Andrew Meldrum, member of the Class of 2008 and former Zimbabwe correspondent for the Guardian, talks to the Council on Foreign Relations about potential options for the inner circle of Mugabe’s party.

    Listen to streaming audio or download the podcast.

  3. Wilson Recalls Abduction in Lecture - April 3

    Simon Wilson, BBC Middle East bureau chief and member of the Class of 2008, described the “biggest challenge of [his] career” — abduction of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston in the Gaza strip — and other experiences he has had while reporting in Israel, Iraq and Lebanon during a lecture at Dartmouth College Thursday, April 3.

  4. Rami Khouri to Speak at Gaza Symposium - March 25

    Rami Khouri, Class of 2002 and Nieman Advisory Board member, will be among expert voices from the Harvard community and the Boston area to speak at a Gaza Symposium, hosted by Harvard's Kennedy School of Government on March 29. The group will explore questions about the mounting humanitarian crisis and and human security, history, politics and health in the the Gaza Strip.

  5. From Blog to Narrative: Benton Throws Us a Curve - March 21

    Boredom was not an issue for Roy Peter Clark at last weekend's Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism. Clark recounts the moment of "great learning" he enjoyed while attending the breakout session "Blogging for Story" presented by Josh Benton, Class of 2008.

  6. Mark Carter Named CCJ Executive Director - March 16

    Mark Carter, a 20-year veteran media executive, strategist, reporter and executive producer, is the new executive director of the Committee of Concerned Journalists and the Goldenson Chair in Community Broadcasting at the Missouri School of Journalism. He is a member of the Class of 1995.

  7. Global News Enterprises Draws Three Niemans - March 15

    The Boston Globe's Charles M. Sennott, Class of 2006, will be among a group of veteran foreign correspondents who will be joining Global News Enterprises LLC, the first US-based Web site devoted exclusively to international news, which is set to launch early next year.

    Other Nieman Fellows who will be writing and working on multimedia projects for Global News include Joshua Hammer, Class of 2005, a former Newsweek reporter who worked as the magazine's bureau chief in Berlin and Jerusalem; and H.D.S Greenway, Class of 1972, a foreign correspondent best known for his Vietnam War coverage and a former Boston Globe editor.

  8. Flyp Wants to Help You "Connect the Dots" - March 10

    FLYP — a newly-launched Web site featuring Juanita Leon, Class of 2007, as Editor-in-Chief — says its goal is to "leverage the real power of the Web into a new kind of story telling ... to engage you in a conversation about the issues, ideas, and developments that are shaping the U.S. today — and tomorrow."

  9. Waiting for a US-Iran Handshake - March 7

    With Iranian influence growing throughout its region, and America faltering after so many foreign-policy debacles, Iran is hungrily eyeing the prize of regional dominance. Iason Athanasiadis, Class of 2008, talks with one of Iran's diplomatic elite, who could well be one of the officials who end up negotiating the future of the region with Washington.

  10. Joseph R. 'Joe' Zelnik dies at 75 - March 3

    Joseph R. “Joe” Zelnik, Class of 1970, died March 3, 2008. The Cape May County Herald editor for 25 years, he was responsible for guiding the newspaper from a 20-page print edition in December 1982 into the 60-plus page weekly with Internet presence that it grew to be by the time of his retirement, when he assumed the title "Editor Emeritus."

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