Niemans in the News

  1. Ramos headed to NCAA - May 20

    Ronnie Ramos, a 2003 Nieman Fellow, has been hired by the NCAA as its Managing Director of New Media Strategies and Content Development. During the past five years at the Atlanta Journal Constitution one of Ramos' chief duties has been providing sports and features content for the AJC web sites. Now, he'll be focusing on the internet full time. Read more »

  2. Michael Kirk's "Inside the Meltdown" to be rebroadcast on Tuesday, May 19 - May 18

    This Tuesday night, PBS' FRONTLINE presents an encore broadcast of "Inside the Meltdown." First broadcast in February, producer Michael Kirk — a 1980 Nieman Fellow — investigates how the economy went so bad so fast, and why emergency actions taken by then-Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and others,vfailed to prevent it. Learn more »

  3. Callie Crossley to receive Honorary Degree - May 4

    Callie Crossley, a 1983 Nieman Fellow, will be awarded an honory degree from Cambridge College. Crossley — a media commentator, public speaker, and Program Manager for the Nieman Foundation — will receive the Doctor of Humane Letters at the college's 38th Commencement on Sunday, June 7. Read more »

  4. Ju-Don Roberts named Washington Post Universal News Deputy Editor - April 29 managing editor Ju-Don Roberts has been moved into the position of deputy of the Universal News Desk. Roberts most recently oversaw the daily news operations at the web site and played a key role in setting strategy for the Washington Post's web operations. She was a 2004 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  5. Jodi Rave ending newspaper career - April 29

    Jodi Rave, a 2004 Nieman Fellow, is ending her newspaper career to write a book about Elouise Cobell and the Indian Trust Fund lawsuit. Rave worked for Lee Enterprises newspapers for 11 years, reporting on Native American issues. Read more »

  6. Ranjan Gupta, CBS Radio News' correspondent in India, dies in Calcutta - April 27

    Ranjan Gupta, CBS Radio News' correspondent in India, died in April from complications related to a heat wave that swept through the eastern part of the country. Gupta was a 1975 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  7. The Overseas Press Club honors four Niemans - April 24

    Four Nieman Fellows were among those honored with awards by the Overseas Press Club award program: Jeb Sharp, Dexter Filkins, Amy Goldstein, and Alma Guillermoprieto. Read more »

  8. Nokes to publish book on the 1887 massacre of Chinese gold miners - April 21

    R. Gregory Nokes, a 1972 Nieman Fellow, will have his book, "Massacred for Gold, The Chinese in Hells Canyon,'' published in October by Oregon State University Press. The book is the first authoritative account of the long-forgotten 1887 massacre of as many as 34 Chinese gold miners in Oregon's Hells Canyon. Read more »

  9. Pulitzer announcement includes three fellows - April 21

    The 2009 Pulitzer Awards were announced Monday, April 20, and three Nieman Fellows were among those honored: Eugene Robinson, Amy Nutt, and Amy Goldstein. Read more »

  10. Documentary produced by Mary Ann Jolley wins 'Grand Award' - April 16

    The documentary "Jihad Sheilas," produced by Mary Ann Jolley, a 2006 Nieman Fellow, won the 'Grand Award' for Best News/Documentary at this year's New
    York Festivals Television Programming and Promotions Awards. The film, which traces the journey of two Australian women from the conservative heartland of regional Australia into the maelstrom of fundamentalist Islam, was also produced by Renata Gombac and Deborah Masters. Read more about the awards »

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