Niemans in the News

  1. In the Tehran jail, I was the ‘Great British Spy’ - July 15

    Iason Athanasiadis, a 2008 Nieman Fellow, was arrested after writing a piece for The Spectator on the Iranian demonstrations. He learned from his interrogators how deep is the historic hatred of the British. Read more »

  2. Paul Hemphill, Chronicler of the South, Dies at 73 - July 12

    Paul Hemphill, who brought a lean journalistic style and a sharp ear for dialogue to essays and novels devoted to the blue-collar South of stock-car racing, football, country music, evangelists and wayward souls, died Saturday morning in Atlanta. He was a 1969 Nieman Fellow.
    Read more at »

  3. Robert Neilsen, Former Toronto Star Journalist, Dies at 87 - July 11

    In his 33 years with the Toronto Star, Robert Nielsen's roles ranged from foreign correspondent to editorial page editor and acting editor-in-chief. He died July 10 after suffering an aneurysm. Nielsen was a 1953 Nieman Fellow. Read more at »

  4. Ines Pohl Named Editor of die tageszeitung - July 7

    Ines Pohl, a 2005 Nieman Fellow, has been named Editor of die tageszeitung, the leading leftist newspaper of Germany. Known as "the taz," the alternative daily offers social and political news coverage and commentary.

  5. Gerald Grant publishes "Hope and Despair in the American City" - June 11

    In "Hope and Despair in the American City: Why There Are No Bad Schools in Raleigh," Gerald Grant, a 1968 Nieman Fellow, compares two cities—his hometown of Syracuse, New York, and Raleigh, North Carolina—in order to examine the consequences of the nation’s ongoing educational inequities. Learn more »

  6. James Scott publishes "The Attack on the Liberty" - June 4

    James Scott, a 2007 Nieman Fellow, has authored "The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship," available in bookstores this week. In this book, Scott recounts the story of the horrifying attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats, and the tremendous impact it had on the lives of the crew. Learn more »

  7. Hugh Morris Dies at 94 - June 2

    Hugh Morris, a 1951 Nieman Fellow, died June 2, 2009, in Frankfort, Ky. A longtime bureau chief for The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal, Morris was inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame in 1997. He was 94. Read more »

  8. "Windows on Iraq: Images & Context" - May 22

    In this multimedia project produced for the Center of Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard, freelance photojournalist Kael Alford’s “unembedded” photography provides an example of “contextualized” reporting on a Muslim community in the global spotlight. Alford portrays Najaf, Iraq beyond the US cordon and Mahdi Army lines during the siege of August, 2004.

    This project grew out of the center's Fall 2008 conference "Understanding Islam in Context." Alford is a 2009 Nieman Fellow.
    Visit "Windows on Iraq: Images & Context" »

  9. Ramos headed to NCAA - May 20

    Ronnie Ramos, a 2003 Nieman Fellow, has been hired by the NCAA as its Managing Director of New Media Strategies and Content Development. During the past five years at the Atlanta Journal Constitution one of Ramos' chief duties has been providing sports and features content for the AJC web sites. Now, he'll be focusing on the internet full time. Read more »

  10. Michael Kirk's "Inside the Meltdown" to be rebroadcast on Tuesday, May 19 - May 18

    This Tuesday night, PBS' FRONTLINE presents an encore broadcast of "Inside the Meltdown." First broadcast in February, producer Michael Kirk — a 1980 Nieman Fellow — investigates how the economy went so bad so fast, and why emergency actions taken by then-Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and others,vfailed to prevent it. Learn more »

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