Niemans in the News

  1. Gene Weingarten wins 2010 Pulitzer - April 13

    Gene Weingarten was awarded the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Featuring Writing for "Fatal Distraction." In March 2009, the Washington Post Magazine published his story about parents who accidentally left infants and toddlers in the backseats of cars, leading to the childrens' death. Weingarten is a 1988 Nieman Fellow. Learn more »

  2. Craig Welch publishes "Shell Games" - April 12

    “Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature’s Bounty” is a stranger-than-fiction account of a fisherman who stole millions of dollars worth of some of the world’s most extraordinary marine creatures and led wildlife detectives on a multiyear odyssey. Craig Welch is the chief environmental writer at The Seattle Times and a 2007 Nieman Fellow. Learn more »


  3. Robert Caro, NF ’66, to be inducted into the New York State Writers Hall of Fame - April 6

    Robert Caro, a 1966 Nieman Fellow, is to be inducted into the newly created New York State Writers Hall of Fame on Friday, April 9. Caro is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for biography, and was recently awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Obama. Read more »

  4. María Hinojosa interviews Fellows Alfredo Corchado, Anita Snow - April 5

    Award-winning journalist María Hinojosa recently interviewed two Nieman Fellows for “One-on-One.” Alfredo Corchado, a 2009 Nieman Fellow, talks about why he risks his life every day to report the truth about Mexico's increasingly violent drug war. Anita Snow, a 2010 Nieman Fellow, describes life of a journalist in today’s Cuba and offers predictions for the future. Watch the interviews »

  5. Margaret Engel collaborates on screenplay - March 31

    Margaret Engel, a 1979 Nieman Fellow and director of the Alicia Patterson Foundation, has teamed up with her twin sister Allison to write a screenplay on the life of the late columnist and humorist Molly Ivins. “Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins” is a one-woman show starring Kathleen Turner that has just opened at the Philadelphia Theatre Company. Read more from The New York Times »

    Also read “Bringing the Wit and Wisdom of Molly Ivins to the Stage” in the Winter 2009 issue of Nieman Reports »

  6. New Orleans broadcasting legend Phil Johnson dies at 80 - March 24

    Phil Johnson, the New Orleans television icon who helped build WWL-TV’s newsroom into a local and national powerhouse, giving the station a distinctive and distinguished on-air editorial voice while also winning three Peabody awards for his documentaries, died late March 22 after a lengthy illness. He was a 1959 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  7. Mason receives award for global public health series - March 22

    Margie Mason, a 2009 Global Health Fellow, was part of the Associated Press Team honored with a National Headliners Award for "When Drugs Stop Working." The five-part series received a third place nod in the Health/Medical Science Writing category.

  8. 3 alums receive National Headliner Awards - March 22

    Three Nieman Fellows were among the recipients of the 2010 National Headliner Awards: Guy Raz, Elizabeth Leland, and Margie Mason. Read more »

  9. John Strohmeyer dies - March 10

    John Strohmeyer, who chronicled the demise of Bethlehem, Pa. turbulent steel industry and won a Pulitzer Prize for editorials dissipating racial tensions in that city, died at 85 on March 3. He was a 1953 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  10. Bill Kovach, CCJ founder, receives the National Press Foundation's Kiplinger Award - March 4

    Former Nieman Curator and 1989 Nieman Fellow Bill Kovach received the 2010 W.M. Kiplinger Award for Distinguished Contributions to Journalism from the National Press Foundation on February 16. In choosing Kovach, the NPF judges noted, “Perhaps no one in his time has more epitomized the values of our profession—the sense that journalism must be tough but fair, uncompromising but humane, and above all searching, always asking more questions—than Bill Kovach.”
    Learn more »
    Read his comments »

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