Niemans in the News

  1. Headliner Awards honor several Nieman alumni - March 30

    Four Nieman alumni were among the many journalists recognized by the National Press Club's 2011 Headliner Awards: Kevin Cullen (NF ’03), James E. Causey (NF ’08), Stuart Watson (NF ’08), and John Harwood (NF ’90). The National Headliner Awards program is one of the oldest and largest annual contests recognizing journalistic merit in the communications industry. Read more about each alumn's specific achievement »

  2. AHCJ honors Tony Bartelme - March 23

    Tony Bartelme, a 2011 Nieman Fellow, was among the winners of the Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism. Bartelme, projects reporter, The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier, received the third place award in Community News for "One Brain at a Time." The 2010 awards, announced by the Association of Health Care Journalists, recognize the best health reporting in nine categories covering print, broadcast and online media.

  3. Bringing Foreign News Home - March 22

    Maria Balinska, NF ’10, received a $20,000 grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation to launch an online international news service. In Nieman Reports she wrote about why she was leaving her long-held job as editor of World Current Affairs Radio at the BBC to take on the risky role of a digital entrepreneur. In foreign reporting, she said, “It’s past time to expand its focus [beyond governmental priorities]—to welcome the grass-roots perspectives of ordinary people.”

  4. Andrew Sussman, NF ’01, is named executive producer of “The World” - March 16

    Andrew Sussman assumes the job of executive producer after many years as senior program producer of “The World.” Anchored by Lisa Mullins, NF ’10, the weekday, one-hour radio show opens a global window on current events by examining the forces shaping them. Reporter Jeb Sharp, NF ’06, hosts its history podcast, “How We Got Here,” and correspondents Laura Lynch, NF ’99, and Mary Kay Magistad, NF ’00, currently reporting from the Middle East and Japan, respectively.

  5. Nieman Fellow Philippa Thomas discovers the power of the blog - March 16

    When BBC journalist and 2011 Nieman Fellow Philippa Thomas wrote recently about a talk given by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley at MIT, little did she know that her blog post would have far-reaching results. Her report on Crowley’s surprisingly candid comments about the treatment of alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning ultimately led to Crowley’s resignation. As Thomas writes, “This was a story that started online and only subsequently spread to traditional media outlets.”

  6. Tim Giago retires from the newsroom - March 9

    Tim Giago, Editor/Publisher of Native Sun News will put down his pen and retire from the newsroom April 1, three years to the day after he launched this “last and final newspaper.” He will remain on the newspapers masthead as Editor Emeritus. Giago is a 1991 fellow.

  7. Dexter Filkins among winners of Polk Awards - March 1

    Dexter Filkins, a 2007 Nieman Fellow, is one of 13 George Polk Award winners for 2010. For behind-the-scenes reports on the war in Afghanistan, enemy incursions from Pakistan and the use of private contractors in the war, Filkins and New York Times correspondent Mark Mazzetti won the military reporting award.

  8. Knight Center founder to be honored at investigative journalism conference - February 11

    Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas founder Rosental Calmon Alves will be recognized for his academic and journalistic contributions at the Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association's (ABRAJI) sixth annual International Investigative Journalism Congress. Each year at the conference ABRAJI honors a journalist for his or her experience and contributions. Alves, a 1988 Nieman Fellow, was selected for being "one of the most respected journalism theorists on the planet today," and an Internet "guru," an ABRAJI statement said. Read more »

  9. Medill names Tulsky Director of new watchdog/accountability initiative - January 31

    Investigative editor and reporter Rick Tulsky is joining Medill as Director of its new watchdog/accountability initiative. Tulsky, a Pulitzer-winning journalist, will lead development of an initiative that will involve students, faculty and local organizations in identifying systemic flaws in government and public institutions and empowering citizens with the kind of knowledge that leads to change. He is a 1989 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  10. Max R. Hall, writer and editor, dies at 100 - January 24

    Max R. Hall, a former journalist, writer, teacher of writing, and scholarly book editor, died in Cambridge on Jan. 12 at 100 years of age. Until his retirement, Hall was editor at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, social sciences editor at Harvard University Press, and editorial adviser at Harvard Business School. He was a 1950 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

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