Niemans in the News

  1. Cynthia Tucker to leave The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - August 10

    Cynthia Tucker, one of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s highest-profile columnists for more than 20 years, is leaving the AJC to become a visiting professor at the University of Georgia’s journalism school. Tucker, who won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007, is a 1989 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  2. Dorothy Parvaz awarded for bravery - July 28

    Dororthy Parvaz, the Al Jazeera journalist who was detained in Syria earlier this year while reporting, has been awarded the John Aubuchon Press Freedom Award for 2011. She won the international prize, as the judges decided she had demonstrated commitment to news reporting despite suffering bad treatment. Parvaz is a 2009 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  3. Jenifer McKim wins Casey Award - July 28

    Boston Globe reporter Jenifer B. McKim has won a 2011 Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. She was honored for “People Need to Know What These Guys Have Done,’’ her portrait of a young woman, the sex trade from which she escaped, and her fight against her former tormenters. McKim is a 2008 Nieman Fellow. Mark Pothier, the editor on this story, is a 2001 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  4. Richard Chacon takes new post at MIT - July 27

    Richard Chacón, a 2005 Nieman Fellow and director of Massachusetts' Office for Refugees and Immigrants, has resigned for a fund-raising position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Read more »

  5. Award-winning Alabama author Wayne Greenhaw dies - June 2

    Alabama author and prize-winning journalist Wayne Greenhaw, a 1973 Nieman Fellow, died May 30 following complications from open-heart surgery. Mr. Greenhaw wrote 22 books. His latest, "Fighting the Devil in Dixie," deals with civil rights activists confronting the Ku Klux Klan from the 1950s through the mid-1980s and was published in early January. He was 72.

  6. Dorothy Parvaz, NF ’09, comments on time in captivity - May 18

    Al Jazeera reporter Dorothy Parvaz, NF '09, who had been detajned in Syria and Iran for almost three weeks was released on May 18 and is now safe at home in Qatar. She has been in touch with her Nieman colleagues to say she is well and to thank all who worked for her release.

    Watch an interview with Parvaz on Al Jazeera and read a personal account of her experience, including chilling details about Syria's secret prisons.
    Read more »

  7. Dorothy Parvaz, NF 09, reportedly detained in Iran - May 11

    Journalist Dorothy Parvaz, NF ’09, who has been missing since the end of April, is reportedly now in Iranian custody. Parvaz was detained by Syrian officials in Damascus on April 29 while on assignment for her employer, Al Jazeera. She has not been heard from since. Syria issued a statement saying Parvaz was deported to Iran on May 1, but Iranian officials have not yet confirmed that report. Parvaz is a citizen of Iran, Canada and the United States.
    Read more »

  8. James H. McCartney dies at 85 - May 6

    James H. McCartney, an award-winning Washington correspondent and columnist who specialized in foreign affairs and defense policy for the Knight Ridder newspaper chain, died Friday, May 6, at the age of 85. In 33 years as a Washington journalist, McCartney wrote extensively about nuclear weapons policy, the Israeli-Arab conflict and the Vietnam War, among other issues. He was a 1964 Nieman Fellow. Read more »

  9. Dorothy Parvaz, NF ’09, detained in Syria - May 2

    Journalist Dorothy Parvaz, a 2009 Nieman Fellow who works for Al Jazeera, has been detained in Syria. No one has heard from her since she landed in Damascus on a flight from Doha, Qatar, on Friday, April 29, but Syrian officials have informed Al Jazeera that they are holding her.

    A spokesman for the news organization said: “We are concerned for Dorothy’s safety and wellbeing. We are requesting full cooperation from the Syrian authorities to determine how she was processed at the airport and what her current location is. We want her returned to us immediately.”

  10. Alma Guillermoprieto honored with Overseas Press Club Award - April 28

    Alma Guillermoprieto, a 2005 Nieman Fellow, and Shaul Schwartz were among the recipients of the 72nd Overseas Press Club Awards. The pair earned the Ed Cunningham Award for Print Journalism for their National Geographic piece “Troubled Spirits.” Learn more »

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